Zone 0 is the first area of the game that the The Player encounters and the first of the multiple Zones that exists within The Nothingness. The Batter is dropped off here by some unknown force that communicates with The Player in the very beginning of the game and subsequently meets The Judge, a mysterious cat that encounters you almost immediately after appearing in the zone. This zone is short in game-play terms and introduces the Player to basic concepts such as movement, interaction, and combat mainly through The Judge. Basically, this zone serves as the game's "tutorial level".

Zone 0 is much smaller than the other Zones and devoid of all life aside from The Judge, Sugar, possibly Valerie, and later Zacharie. Whether Elsen and other beings are forbidden from entering, are unable to do so, or whatever else is unclear. Somewhat enigmatic, it also has a chapter solely devoted to it in a book about the OFF universe located in Zone 2's library.

Items and Interactables Edit

  • A Luck Ticket and Silver Flesh are found in chests outside the main building.
  • Various memory puzzles that are controlled through the use of yellow cubes.
  • A red save cube is found behind the main building.

Trivia Edit

  • Zone 0 is the only zone in the game that did not get purified by The Batter. It presumably is destroyed along with the rest of the entire OFF world in the main ending when The Batter reaches the end of The Room and hits the final switch, turning it from on to off. However, the exact nature of the world after the game's ending is unclear.
  • Zone 0's guardian has been confirmed to be The Judge. One element that seems to give it away is that The Judge gives you a Zodiac Card (the Leo-Card, respectively), which is something that only Guardians can supply.
  • According to a painting that Mortis Ghost made, the building of Zone 0's name is "Joas".

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