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Zacharie's two dialogue sprites






Item Merchant

Zacharie is an amicable shop keeper who often guides the player and The Batter along the game. He often breaks the fourth wall and is the only item merchant of the game.


Though it is not explicitly told why, he always wears a mask: either a surgical mask/ frog-like mask, which he has from the beginning of the game, or a grinning mask with ears, apparently meant to resemble a cat. (The Judge specifically.) He also wears a t-shirt with a heart in the middle. (This has also been represented as a hoodie.)


Off Screen 6

Screenshot of the park in Zone 2 showing the statue of Zacharie and the Batter, riding the roller-coaster.

Amusement ParkEdit

In Zone 2, there is a statue of Zacharie located near the old roller coaster's loading dock. It can be pushed into the roller coaster cart, and a picture will be obtained of The Batter and the statue on the ride.  If this picture is taken to the Elsen guarding the owner's office he will let you in (because you have proof you know the owner of the park, Zacharie, personally). Later on, this picture can be sold to Zacharie for 500 credits. But if The Batter gets a picture taken of only himself, Zacharie will buy it for only 10 credits. This is probably to prevent the photographs from becoming an efficient infinite credit source, or maybe Zacharie just loves the look of himself.


Throughout the game, Zacharie is friendly to the Batter and Puppeteer and at no time questions their actions. Whether he actually holds any concern for their well-being or just sees them as a source of income is debatable. 

Zacharie is implied to know Sugar, and in some of the English translations, they are portrayed as a couple. When Sugar dies, she tells you to "say goodbye to Zacharie for me," but when Zacharie is told the news, he hesitates a bit, and then states that it might be "better that way". Also his name seems to refer to zahar, what in many languages (eg. Romanian, Serbian, Czech, Russian) means sugar, which may imply they are related.

Wearing a cat mask later in the game, Zacharie appears to be filling in for The Judge, who is busy mourning Valerie. He seems to know The Judge very well and simply refers to him by his actual name Pablo. Mortis has confirmed through comments on his deviantArt that Zacharie and Pablo are friends, and that the mask Zacharie wears was not made from Valerie's face, because Zacharie would not want to hurt his friend like that.

Details as to how he managed to set up the fine establishment described above is unknown, but may allude to some connection with Japhet, the guardian of Zone 2.

He may also have met Hugo at some point.. 


In Zone 1, the player and The Batter first encounter Zacharie at the basement of the Postal Service building where he introduces himself as "the traditional items merchant that's necessary in every video game." He can also be found in the Secret Service level of the same building but will direct you to the basement for any business. The player can later find Zacharie in Alma.

In Zone 2, he has set up a shop at the Shopping Mall where it is most appropriate. 

In Zone 3, he makes his appearance with the cat mask as a replacement for The Judge. In the kitchen, he challenges The Batter to a race to Area 2, which was later deemed pointless as it was scripted. In Area 2, Zacharie switches between his frog and his cat mask between an interconnected room, so he could continue conducting his business while still providing aid to the player. He rides the subway with you from Area 3 to Area 4, and guards the monorail when it becomes stuck by a burnt. He also has a shop in the farthest right corner of Area 4. In a different room of Area 4 where the bunk beds are located, he will accept the mysterious Music Box for a hint. For an unknown reason, it appears as if he has an attachment for this particular object.

In The Room, he shows up again just before The Batter faces the Queen. He advises the player to save as it will be the last chance they will get to save, and says "Bis Vincit, Qui Se Vincit In Victoria," a Latin proverb meaning "He conquers twice who conquers himself in victory" which alludes to the ending.

He can also be found in Zone 0 in later parts of the game.



  • Zacharie was voiced by Duf.
  • His name can be spelled as either Zacharie or Zachary. Because "Zacharie" is the spelling in the original version of the game, that it considered the correct one, and "Zachary" would be the English-translation equivalent.
  • In a version of OFF specifically made for Simonbob, Zacharie's name was changed to Zachary and the typo in "Peper Steak" had been corrected.
  • The sound he makes changes with the mask he wears; when he wears the frog-like mask, he gives a short laugh, and when he wears the cat-like mask, he gives a low-pitched "miaou."
  • It is speculated that he might have been the masked character that killed the toad king, due to his frog-like mask. 
  • The heart on his sweater does not appear on his walk sprite.
  • Players also think that the reason he wears a mask is because he is trying to hide his true identity, some say it might be because he has serious face injuries.

"Zacharie" is thought to be derived from "saccharine", especially considering his connection to Sugar.

  • Zacharie is often misconceived to have a sweater neck, yet this is proven false as stated by Mortis himself, saying he only has a thicc™ neck[1]
  • Zacharie's true face will never be revealed, as Mortis Ghost stated <ref name="here">footnote text<references/>


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