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Vader Eloha
Vader Eloha, The Queen


Vader Eloha


The Queen




Chapter 1 of The Room

The Queen, otherwise known as Vader Eloha, is the leader of the guardians and the main antagonist (possibly) of the game.


Once found, the Queen appears as a faceless woman with long hair, holding her arms behind her back. Her dialogue noise is a whispering sound, which relates to her attacks being simply her saying things to the Batter, such as 'You don't even know his first name,' (referring to Hugo--though this is up for debate. There is fan speculation that she could also be talking to the Puppeteer/the Player about the Batter) and 'There is nothing but the void after me', referring to the fate of the Zones after their purification and her role as the queen.

When Wide Angle is used on her, her real name is shown as Vader Eloha. "Vader" in Dutch means "Father" and "Eloha" is the Hebrew name for God; so her name can be translated to "Father God." This is never shown at any other part of the game.

She also controls 3 Add-Ons named Delta, Sigma, and Ipsilon. Opposing The Batter's simple ring-shaped Add-Ons, they are of an intricate arabesque design, possibly alluding to Vader Eloha's status as queen.


The Queen is mentioned as the final authority behind the guardians and/or possibly in control of the spectres, which would make her The Batter's ultimate target.


In the Room's fourth chapter, the Sun on the sketchy map is labeled "Mama" but "she is not there" so you cannot go to her or that region. Hugo's journal often mentions missing "Mama" and hoping she comes soon, and the three Guardians assure him she is a very important woman who is making everything better.  During the Batter's confrontation with the Queen, he seems to accuse her of neglecting Hugo with lines like: "[The Queen] was so busy preparing the birthday party that [she] forgot who it was for." 

The Queen, however, is not biologically and literally Hugo's mother.  A crucial mistranslation had her saying she would not allow The Batter "to destroy the one we had created."  The correct translation is that she would not allow him "to destroy the one who created us," (full translation is "I will not let you lay a hand on the son that brought us into this world") as described in main translator RecDra's Tumblr, and the dialogue would be fixed in the re-release of Off in English.  On top of that, Mortis has stated that Hugo is human while the Queen and Batter are not.  During the Player and the Batter's later confrontation with The Judge, accusations are made of killing wife and child but it is still unclear who the husband and father are.

In BattleEdit

She is met in Chapter 1 of The Room.


Fool's Mate: Takes away some competence on all party

Immortal Anderssen: Multiple attack

White Fianchetto: Attack (sometimes causes Blind)

Castling Queen: Attack that causes poison

Castling King: Attack

Coup du Miroir: Attack

Strategy Edit

Epsilon is crucial for this fight in taking out Vader's Add-Ons. Make sure you have already gained Cubist Tragedy, as it will destroy them relatively quickly. Once all Add-Ons are destroyed, Vader is no real threat and can be whittled down via normal attacks.

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Trivia Edit

  • Vader Eloha was voiced by Aureden.
  • For an unknown reason, the pre-fight dialogue is presented in third-person, with a narration. This may or may not refer to her dialogue sound and means of attacking. Her battle theme is called "The Meaning of His Tears", and is more solemn than other battle themes. This, along with the title, may refer to the Batter in some way.
  • When she states that Hugo's eyes are similar to the Batter's, this also occurs later on when the Batter states to Hugo, "You have fear in your eyes." This may mean that the Batter was also afraid.
  • When the Batter defeats her, she still shows a bit of kindness towards him, going so far as to offer him (The Batter) something to drink.
  • When the Queen mentions, "There is nothing but the void beyond me," she is possibly referring to the purification that happens to the Zones once you defeat the Guardians. She may or may not be meaning the following phrase, "Once everything is pure and good, what is there to live for?"
  • In the French version, the Judge's "wife and child" line was "femme et enfant". Femme could mean either "woman" or "wife" which can fit different theories people may have about the Queen's relationship to Hugo and the Batter. If, for example, you take into account that the Judge knew Hugo created them and they weren't really "married", "femme" could mean woman. If you think the Judge believed they were actually married and knew nothing, it could mean "wife".
  • Judging by the concept art, the Queen was going to take a form similar the the Batter's monstrous appearance when you choose the Judge in the final fight. This would represent the Batter saw the Queen as a monster, similar to how some of the characters saw the Batter.
  • When the Queen whispers, she is saying "Va ranger ta chambre" backwards (Go tidy up your bedroom).