Chapter 3 the room

An example of one of the chapter titles.

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The Room is one of the main areas in OFF, and is accessed after completing Zone 3 and defeating Enoch. It takes up approximately a quarter of the game, and is split into 6 'chapters', instead of the previous Zones.


The Room is a mainly monochrome area that changes in appearance during the game, but mainly appears as a three-part house consisting of a long corridor, a large main room consisting of a large space, an entrance to someone's bedroom, and a small outlet behind the bedroom. Finally, the bedroom (presumedly Hugo's) is a simple room that starts off with nothing but a bed in the corner and a note on the wall. As the story progresses, more and more objects are added to the bedroom.

The Room - hallway

The hallway of The Room.

The Room - main room 2

The main room.

The Room - bedroom

Hugo's bedroom.

Before each chapter of the room, a 'chapter title' is shown, with an insect (possibly a moth?) behind the name of the chapter on a black background.

Another thing of note is that the chapters begin at 5 and count down towards 0. There are many possible theories as to why.


Chapter 5 - The Room

This chapter mainly serves as an introduction to The Room. In the bedroom, the player finds a note on the wall, seemingly written by a child who is apparently ill and has recently been given a comic from his Papa. Partway through, The Batter is attacked by a horde of bears for an unknown reason, and upon returning to the bedroom, finds a passage at the back of the room (the note has also changed to the child '[not liking] these pills') that leads into a seemingly-hand drawn area with fitting enemies, that loops continually until the player walks backwards, ending the chapter.

Chapter 4 - I had three friends.

This chapter is (most likely) told through the eyes of the child from the previous chapter, and details the backstory of OFF. However, the player still controls The Batter, who acts as a silent fill-in for the child (assuming it is not symbolic, which it possibly is). In it, the child meets Dedan, Japhet and Enoch, who are much nicer. The three of them are working for the child's mother (who is hinted at as being The Queen), attempting to restore a seemingly post-apocalyptic environment. This chapter also reveals more about the personalities of the three guardians.

Chapter 3 - The world in a window

This chapter is navigated through a fake save-game menu, mirroring the regular OFF save menu (including a discordant version of the title screen tune, Fourteen Residents). Each of the three false save files is a different version of the Room, and solving puzzles in each of them and giving the answers to a giant Elsen is necessary to progress.

This chapter reveals little about the unknown child compared to the previous ones.

Chapter 2 - Boxxer's adventures

During this chapter, the bedroom has an 'old comic' in the middle of it. Reading it commences a comic-style level called 'Panic in Ballville', in which a city called 'Ballville' is attacked by a villain called Ballman, who appears similar to the Batter, and attacks the city with clones. During this sequence, the player plays as the hero Boxxer, who fights off several clones, before the Batter stops reading the comic on account of it being 'really stupid'.

After leaving the bedroom, a small narration by the unknown kid occurs, about his mother 'finally picking me up'.

Chapter 1 - The Queen

In this chapter, the Batter finally encounters the Queen, Vader Eloha, as the title states. The dialogue before the battle is done in third-person narration instead of the normal style. During the dialogue, the Batter hints at the area being his home, and him and the Queen being related in some way.

After the battle, another dialogue occurs, hinting heavily at the Queen being the wife of the Batter before dying.

Chapter 0 - The batter

In this chapter, The Batter returns to the room, which is now blood-red, the same as in the cutscenes after defeating guardians earlier. Upon returning to the bedroom, The Batter finds Hugo - the child from earlier. Hugo can do nothing but defend, and as such, dies to The Batter's assault fairly quickly. Afterwards, the area becomes white, the same as previously purified zones, and a passage opens up to a final room with a single switch.

When the Batter arrives at the switch, The Judge confronts him, and accuses him of 'killing wife and child'. He then talks to The Puppeteer, asking him/her to side with him and defeat the Batter, while the Batter asks them to do the opposite.

If sided with the Batter, a battle against the Judge begins. Afterwards, the Batter flips the switch on the wall, the screen fades to black, and the credits roll.

The general theory of this ending is that the Batter has 'completed his mission' by deleting the entire world.

If sided with the Judge, a battle against the 'Bad Batter' - a demonic, Burnt-like Batter, occurs. Afterwards - the Batter is defeated, the Judge leaves, and the credits roll.

If the player has bought the Aries-card, another 'ending' is unlocked - the Space Apes ending, a joke end where space-apes appear and declare that they will create factories on the purified zones to combat flying brains. This ending is, as stated, a joke ending, that does not connect to the plot in any way.


Feel free to add your own theories, or other theories you have heard, here!

- J's Theory:

The world of OFF is a coma fantasy of the child, Hugo. He is terminally ill and kept alive with a life-support machine. The world inside his mind is influenced and created by events happening in the real world which he is subconsciously picking up on, as well as his own existing likes/dislikes/fears etc. Hugo is supposedly the creator of The Batter and the Queen- they are fictional representations of his Mother and Father. His Father is a devout Christian (hence the religious references in The Batter and the Add-Ons) who Hugo dislikes, thus likening him to the baseball-themed villain in the comic he was given, hence 'The Batter'. Hugo's father wishes to 'purify' him by switching OFF his life-support machine, thinking that keeping him alive in such a way is a sin against God. Hugo's mother is an Athiest, and wishes to keep him alive for as long as possible- in the real world, Hugo's parents are by his bedside, arguing about whether they should switch his life support OFF or not- each thinking a different outcome is best, and for different reasons. Hugo talking about his Mother finally picking him up could refer to his desire to be held in her arms one last time before he dies. Either The Judge, or Zacharie could be playing the role of the child's doctor- The Judge wanting to do what's best for the two parents, but attempting to intervene and keep the child alive at the end when the father makes the decision to switch OFF the life support. He is called The Judge since he is an impartial figure who knows the child's condition in the most detail, and thus is the most objective in the decision of whether to keep the life support switched on or not. Zacharie could, however, be the doctor instead- he wears a mask not unlike a surgeon's mask, and makes a point of breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the one outside of the fantasy world. The role of the doctor is more speculation, but the events of the game, when taken symbolically, along with the characterisation and dialogue of The Batter, The Queen and Hugo do possibly make the suggestion of the terminally ill child and family scenario.

- LAZU'S Theory:

off is a surreal unsettling game in which you are the “puppeteer” of a mysterious person (not a human, though) called “the batter” who’s goal is to purify the world he is in, the 4 zones. he also gets help from zacharie, and advice from the judge. at the end of the game, you are supposed to choose if you take judge’s side and kill the batter, or take the batter’s side and kill the judge. canonically, the batter kills the judge and turns the game off (yes he is aware this is all a game, and you are controlling him, but he takes it seriously like real-life than just a game) hence the title. but why does he do it??

>the game takes place post-apocalyptic, in which a planet or something is destroyed by spectres and phantoms. a young boy named hugo, with strange powers, wants to survive the world. so he creates the batter and the queen, who are supposed to be his parents or just take care of him.

instead of creating people to protect him, why not create something like a bazooka??

>im guessing he wants to feel comfort, and since he states before he dies he’s afraid of the dark, he wants there to be light and wants to be loved i guess.

the queen, vader eloha has helped save the dimension/city/planet they are in, with the help of the surviving elsen. to thank her the elsen make her the queen, and so she is very, very busy. the batter stays at home with hugo. he is yet to tell hugo he has a kind of illness, and he shouldn’t go outside and has to take pills. when he goes outside to get the pills, hugo has an adventure and makes three friends: enoch, dedan, and japhet. seeing that they want to rule the zones, he makes them the guardians of the zones with the permission of the queen. the batter gives him pills which he does not like, and he knows there are many ways (rather than staying inside and taking these pills) to cure his illness. his “father”, the batter declines and keeps treating him the same way.

how did the batter become the batter, hugo be in that room, and the queen, where she was??

>all is well, though a lot of spectres attack from time to time. but there is yet another attack of spectres, this time it is extremely dangerous and kills almost everyone. this is when dedan becomes rude, when japhet takes over valerie and gets a short temper, and when enoch becomes more serious. the batter, before the attack was trying to get more pills for hugo, but got attacked by the spectres and found himself under a pile of rumble after awakening from the attack. now he is almost emotionless, and now must purify the world (which is, destroy the world, because it’s the only way to stop another spectre attack) he completes his goal when he kills the queen, to stop the creation of factories and places and the survival of people, so there won’t be a place for spectres to be in, and the spectres will have to roam about and will be unable to do harm, because everyone is dead. the batter kills hugo, but before, while and after, he is afraid. afraid because hugo is his son, afraid because hugo is his enemy, and afraid because hugo is his own creator. he defeats hugo, and it allows him to destroy the world and its elements: smoke, plastic, metal, meat, and sugar. the world is black, no flowers, no grass, no trees. nothing is living. after that, he feels extreme pain and dies. this theory also makes me agree that mortis and his team (unproductive fun time) SHOULDN’T make another game. not only money wise, but plot wise, cause there’s nothing to win and nothing to lose.

An Anonymous Theory (This theory is based OFF of the hospital theory) Edit

Though not widely developed, and just simply a thought, the World of OFF takes place inside Hugo's body, and each Zone is a particular part of the body. Batter works through the Zones to shut the organs down.

Zone 1 is the respiratory system. The Smoke is the air the fills Hugo's lungs. The mines represent the lungs, seeing as there are so many pathways inside the mines where the smoke is stored, similar to that of a pair of lungs. The Meat Fountains is the heart of Zone 1, as we all know. It pumps out Meat and blood, like a human heart does. Plastic is the 'water' of the Zones, and it is the water flowing throughout the body, because it is present throughout the entirety of the Zones. It is present in 4/5 of the Zones, making it around 80%, even though the normal body is made up of around 65%. But because of the disease in Hugo's body, it's possible that the percentage of water inside of him can be unbalanced.

I have no ideas about Zone 2 yet, but I have some ideas about Zone 3 and the Room. Zone 3 is the digestive system, mainly the intestines. In Zone 3 sugar is created, which is distributed out to the other Zones, as it is a source of energy, and keeps the Elsens (the workers of the body organs) stable.

Finally, the Room, which I like to think of as the brain. It is the final organ that needs to be shut down, and is where Hugo's thoughts, memories and where he himself are located. I also base this on the room with the switch. In the room, the corridor leading up to it has a distinct shape, which is very much similar to the spinal bones leading up to the brain. Of course, the World, or 'the body' is shut down from the brain, when all other organs fail to work. As for Vader, she is the last line of defense against the Batter. Unfortunately, we know how that turns out.

As for the spectres, they are the terminal disease killing Hugo. This must be why despite Batter's best efforts, the flow of spectres are endless, even in the purified 'shut down' Zones.