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OFF is a 2008 free indie RPG created by Mortis Ghost and the 'Unproductive Fun Time' team using RPGmaker 2003. Originally released in French, his native tongue, it was soon released in English (download links below) thanks to a translation team led by Reconstructed Dragon. There is two Spanish versions, and a German version of the game is believed to currently be in development. Unique due to its sharp limited colour palette, its odd monochrome characters, and its twisting non-sequitur storyline, OFF has garnered a large cult following, even spawning multiple fangames, colloquially known as spinOFFs.

OFF Translation v2

OFF Translation v2.0 Trailer (Out Now!!)


In OFF, the player controls a character called “The Batter”. He states his ultimate sacred mission is to "Purify" the world. The game is set in a strange universe, starting off in Zone 0, a tutorial level of sorts, then winding through three more zones and finally "The Room". Along the way, the player encounters numerous bizarre beings, a manifold of unsettling creatures, and lots of puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress.


There are a total of six "controllable" characters within the game, but the sixth is optional. There is the Batter and three other "protagonists" which assist in combat, but neither have any personality nor dialogue. They are referred to as Add-Ons and their sprites appear to be levitating rings. The fifth playable character is only active for a small portion of the game as part of the plot near the endgame. The Judge appears throughout the game to aid the player with The Batter's sacred mission, and Zacharie appears to sell the player a myriad of varying objects. The Judge is also the optional sixth controllable character, but only for one battle.

Exploration in OFF is viewed in an overhead perspective with The Batter as the sprite that is controlled. There are several puzzle aspects to the game which needs to be solved in order to proceed. Such aspects include: pressing blocks or turning on and off switches in a particular order, riding pedalos, going through mazes, fixing books, finding codes and answering quizzes about the world of OFF. There are also two minigames: a balloon popping minigame, and the "Game of the Mortal Fall."

Battles in OFF can be randomly triggered by walking in certain areas or, in certain cases, as part of the storyline. When triggered, a sound plays and the player is brought to the "Battle Time" screen with the enemies on the left-hand side of the screen and the Batter and his forces on the right. At the start of the battle, the player can choose to "Attack" normally by choosing the commands for each character, use "Auto" to allow the Batter and his forces to fight on their own accord, or take the coward's route and "Flee" only if the opponent was caught by surprise. If the opponent was not caught by surprise, the option to "Flee" is only available in The Batter's personal menu of commands. The battle system is essentially turn-based, but the time until a character can make an action is determined by an interval represented by their respective loading bar on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. It is similar to the "Active Time Battle" system in some Final Fantasy games. The game is an RPG and the characters level as a result. Levelling grants you certain new Competences, the "special moves" of the game, in addition to better base stats (base stats are stats not affected by equipment usage, such as armor or weapons).

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If you're using Linux or Mac OS, you'll have to use an emulator such as Wine.
For Windows users:

  1. Extract the files from the .zip
  3. Play the game! Have fun! (Press F4 or Alt+Enter to toggle between window and full screen)

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