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The Judge
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The Judge



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Combat tutorial:300|Finale Boss:4000

A quirky but helpful cat that occasionally helps the player and batter. He is one of the few people who really knows about the player and acknowledges their existence, even before the batter. He is Valerie's brother and lives in the Zone 0.He speaks in a eloquence, noble manner. His real name is Pablo, revealed by Zacharie.


He is a cat very much similar to the Cheshire Cat, though, unlike him, his fur is pure white, with no stripes.



The Player:  is one of the only characters to speak to The Player, minus The Batter and Zacharie.  He seems to want you to help the batter, up until the very end in The Room.

The Batter:  is very cynical towards the Batter, caring more to talk to the Player.  He gives cryptic advice
Judge Sprite

Judge Sprite set

to the Batter in most conversations.

Japhet:  assumingly hates Japhet , as he killed his brother Valerie.

Valerie:  Being Valerie's brother, loves him very much.  can be seen mourning his brother's death at the top of the library after Zone 2 is purified.

Hugo and The Queen:  seems to know these two are related and connected to the Batter.

Zacharie: After meeting Zacharie in the smoke mines, he can be found in zone zero, which is the judge's zone. When you first talk to Zacharie here he says " other news, I haven't seen Pablo around here lately" and after completing zone 2 "I haven't seen Pablo for some time now... I hope he's fine" Zacharie is also the only character to refer to the judge as Pablo.

In BattleEdit

is the first character the Batter and player encounters in the game. The player may choose to battle him as part of the tutorial. At the end of the game, the player may choose to battle or side with against the Batter.


Coniving Aneurysm, Malicious Aneurysm, Critical Aneurysm, Aneurysm Rupture, Unknown Sclerosis (Muted), Untypical Sclerosis (Blinded), Purulent Sclerosis (Poison), Immediate Sclerosis (Palsy).

Note: All competences have a success rate of 100%


First, have Alpha mute him this takes about 3-4 attempts so have the others defend. Next, have Epsilon use Classic Drama on The Batter. Do this for the next 5 turns then have Alpha mute and poison him. (The poison helps whittle down his health) Have Epsilon use Classic Drama on The Batter twice. The Batter should be able to deal well over 500 damage with Magic Homerun (If you don't have Magic Homerun, use Special Homerun) The Batter will be able to defeat on his own.


Judge 01
Judge 02
Judge 03


  • The Judge was voiced by John Vattic and Ric Hunter. He is the only character known to have been voiced by two people.
  • His real name is Pablo, as told to us by Zacharie.
  • Curiously, if the player chooses The Judge Ending and is defeated, the Game Over screen is not triggered. Instead, the events play out as if the player has chosen The Batter Ending and successfully defeated The Judge.
  • The Judge's competences are named after serious medical disorders. An aneurysm is a balloon-like bulge in blood vessels, while sclerosis is a bone disorder describing the stiffening/hardening of tissue structure in the body.
  • If you select Auto in the combat tutorial against him, it is possible to kill him, resulting in a quick Game Over.