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The Batter


The Batter







The Batter is the player character, controlled by you, The Puppeteer. His main mission is to purify the zones from unholy spirits, and all those he considers to be impure or dangerous.


He wears a black cap and a standard white baseball uniform. When a baseball player wears white, he is playing on his home field. Due to misinterpretations with his sprite, some fans like to depict him with four eyes.


He is a blunt and uncouth figure, focused completely on his mission, and shows little to no emotion through the adventure. He knows that he is simply controlled by the Player, and he lets the player solve the puzzles on their own. Whether he knows of the true consequences of his actions is debatable, as is whether he cares or not. He appears to not care much for the results of his conquests within the various Zones, that is to say their imminent "destruction" after their respective guardian is destroyed. He claims that the white, washed out worlds which remain devoid of all life after their "purification" are "better [this] way."


Add Ons:

The mysterious Add-Ons, Alpha, Omega, and Epsilon, all accompany the Batter once encountered on his sacred mission, much to the puzzlement of The Judge, and all willingly fight alongside him in battle.

The Queen:

A mistranslation made it seem like The Batter and The Queen are the parents of Hugo, when it was actually stating that Hugo created them, per the explanation by main translator RecDra. Another clue was how the Queen bid the Batter to "return home,” to which the Batter replied: “That’s what I did. This here is the cradle of my father.” Mortis has also stated that Hugo is human while the Batter and Queen are not.


Sugar describes him as a "large, frightening ducky," and his appearance if The Player takes the side of The Judge during the final fight appears a bit like a frighteningly duck-headed man. Mortis has stated in replies to comments on his DeviantArt page this is not a literal transformation but rather a representation of how the Batter has become a monster in the eyes of The Judge and the Player.


The Batter seems to show no feelings towards his father, Hugo. However, he gives Hugo a comic, compassionately. He does not think twice before killing him, showing that he cares more about his mission than he does about his own father.


The Batter trusts Zacharie and his advice for his mission. He does not hesitate to follow him to Section 4 of Zone 3. However, he doesn't show the same friendly demeanor towards him that Zacharie has shown him.

The Judge:

The Batter looks up to him as a guide. He trusts all of his advice and tips. But when he feels that The Judge has been unpure, he disregards his friendship and kills him anyway.

Bad BatterEdit



The Bad Batter Battle appearance

The Bad Batter is the final boss of The Judge's special ending, resembling a monstrous duck or alligator-like creature with a baseball cap and jersey, with hundreds of teeth, and clawed fingers. His three Add-ons are missing, and it's only him on the field. He only seems to use competence moves, and would always have the one that you would have learned next.

His HP is 2500 and his his CP is 400.

In BattleEdit


The attacks are listed as name, CP cost, and effect:

Name CP LvL Effect
Wide Angle 2 1 (Obtained during the tutorial battle, or after if the battle is skipped) Analyzes the enemies' characteristics.
Save First Base 5 3 Restores some HP.
Save Second Base 15 8 Restores more HP then First Base
Save Third Base 40 16 Restores all HP.
Save Fourth Base 80 30 Reanimates an ally.
Save Secret Base 50 40 Restores a lot of HP for the whole party.
Run With Courage 5 4 Special attack of the element Metal.
Run With Grace 7 10 Special attack of the element Plastic.
Run With Dementia 10 20 Special attack of the element Smoke.
Run With Belief 15 35 Special attack of the element Meat.
Furious Homerun 7 6 Special attack of low impact.
Special Homerun 15 13

Special attack of mediocre impact.

Magic Homerun 30 25 Special attack of important impact.
Ultimate Homerun 118


Special attack of cataclysmic impact.


To kill him quickly, use the attack Aneurysm Rupture repeatedly. It kills him in two or three hits. Alternatively, you could use Sclerosis, which inflicts Palsy, thereby leaving him unable to attack or do anything while you use Aneurysm Rupture.


Trivia Edit

  • When the player reaches "The Room", there is a stage where The Batter reads a comic in which the protagonist, Boxxer, fights Ballman, the villain. This parallel often causes speculation about how The Batter might be represented symbolically.
  • His class "Savior" may refer to Jesus - thus making the idea of Hugo knows about the Bible possible.
  • According to Mortis Ghost, "For me the "real" end is the batter one. I like the Judge one too, of course (I made it), but the game title works when you choose the batter."
  • It seems to most people that the reason The Batter appears differently when you use "The Judge" ending is because the Judge saw a much different perspective of the Batter, leading many to believe that the reason the Batter resembled a human was because of the way the player saw him. This may mean the Batter would look different from Dedan, Zacharie, and even the Queen's perspectives.
  • This has been confirmed by Mortis Ghost on his deviantart page.
    • This also implies that all the monstrous appearances of diverse characters throughout the game, such as Dedan's face which doesn't match his mainly human body, could have been a matter of perspective as well. Maybe all the guardians (Japhet excepted) and the queen were very human-looking and all saw the batter like a monster. It is interesting to point out how Dedan said he wanted to erase the batter's smile off his face, while his emotionless expression didn't seem to have changed. Maybe this smile was the alligator-like face of the Bad Batter.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Batter's bat is made from iron and not wood. During the combat tutorial, the Judge's dialogue includes, "On occasion, your cast iron will get you a critical hit, which will cause teeth to fly in heaps".
  • While it was originally thought that the Bad Batter's stats changed with the The Batter's level, this has been proven false, and the Bad Batter has fixed stats during his battle.


  1. Kokocacao (leveled entire party to lv. 50)
  2. Cruelkaposta
  3. RegiFire (leveled the Batter to lvl. 45)
  4. (for the batter ending comment)
  5. Brainplaguerewind (multiple completions with full party at level 50)