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Basement in Zone 0

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Grand Chocolatier

Sugar/Sucre, not to be confused with the element, is a secret boss found in a basement in Zone 0, which you can return to right before fighting Japhet. She's the boss representing the element sugar and once defeated gives you the "Grand Chocolatier," which you need for the secret ending. She is one of the two female characters in OFF, the other being the Queen. Additionally, defeating her is optional and the game can be completed without ever encountering Sugar.


She seems to resemble a marionette, with short hair, blank eyes and a perpetual smile on her face. She wears a short jacket, though it's debatable as to whether or not she wears a shirt, as the X's on her chest could merely be a design upon a tight shirt, or (boob tape x’s)pasties with no shirt at all. She also wears shorts, what appears to be a cord of some kind wound around her waist, and striped stockings. Four strings, each with a dummy at the end, hang from her hands, and must all be defeated for the battle to end, much like Dedan's speech bubble and the Queen's AddOns.


When speaking, she uses the emoticons ":-)" and ":-(" and frequently mentions dancing (and wanting to dance).


It is strongly implied that she and Zacharie have a backstory, as her dying words are, "Say goodbye to Zacharie for me". Also, his name seems to refer to Zahar, what in many languages means exactly sugar.

It should be noted that upon reaching the sugar vault in Zone 3, Zacharie states that he wouldn't have expected to find Sugar, and is about to say "at this point of time", but corrects himself saying "in this place". This implies he may know about Sugar residing in Zone 0's basement, and that the Batter may find her.

She seems to refer to the Batter as "a big ducky". A rather frightening one." Seeming to hint at his form as Bad Batter.

She may also have some connection with Enoch as her room is filled with sugar, the element that he created through the burning of Elsen corpses.

In BattleEdit

HP:??? (12000) CP:??? (500)  No weaknesses/resistance The dummies boost her stats.


  • Quatre Quarts (English translation: Four Quarters or Poundcake) - physical attack
  • Hard-Bitten Caramel - physical attack, may also cause palsy. (target's CP freezes and cannot attack)
  • Mille Feuilles (English translation: Thousand Leaves or Napoleon) - may cause the target to become furious (target attacks on its own accord)
  • Dame Blanche (English translation: White Lady, an ice-cream based dessert) - physical attack, may cause madness (target inflicts damage on itself)
  • Parfait au Chocolat (English translation: Chocolate Parfait, once again, a dessert) - multi-hit physical attack


First, destroy the candy she's carrying. There are four units. She's weak to poison, so try to poison her, then just strike her with all you've got until you get her down. Since she's able to inflict palsy, you should try to keep Omega healthy. Be sure to bring plenty of HP and CP recovery items; due to her health, it's going to be a long battle. She is able to be poisoned, which is easily accomplished by Alpha.



  • Sugar was designed by Lithium.
  • Sugar was voiced by Ze.
  • When referencing baseball, Sugar parallels to the pitcher. The tiny heads in her hands, in this respect, maybe balls.
  • Some fans speculate she is either Zacharie's lover or his sister, although as of 4/20/2013, Mortis Ghost confirmed that she is NOT his mother, and he "doesn't know" about their love affair, or whether or not they are siblings.
  • Although people think she is on some sort of drug trip, or has clouded vision due to her sugar addiction, causing her to see the Batter as a "Duckie," she may be the only one who sees the Batter for what he is, because Bad Batter in the Judge's ending looks somewhat duck-like.
  • Sugar is the hardest boss in the game, so beating her may lead to underwhelming final boss fights against the Queen, Hugo, and the Judge/Bad Batter. 
  • Most of Sugar's attack names are based off various sweets/pastries (with Quatre Quarts being the French name for Pound Cake, Mille-Feuilles being a pastry made up of many layers of puff pastry, and Parfait au Chocolat is a frozen dessert made with layers of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate, etc. Hard-bitten Caramel is already quite obvious.)


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