Here is a list of currently existing OFF fangames. This list is, due to its nature, incomplete and ever-expanding, so feel free to add any extra games that you have heard about:


Title Author(s) Link to Game/Blog
Continue/Stop/Rise M-256 (Isasapiens)
InterExtraIntraAdd M-256 (Isasapiens)
OFF 2: ON Spiritmint
Zacharie’s Kawaii Quest Spiritmint
Pablo no Sugoi Neko Monogatari Spiritmint
365 Zachariecide (Claude Huggins)
CLUELESS Zachariecide (Claude Huggins)
FastForward Zachariecide (Claude Huggins)
UNKNOWN Zachariecide (Claude Huggins)
HOME The Judge (Felix) English version: Spanish translation:

RISE Cinnamun (Brandy)
Renew Cinnamun (Brandy)
However Nihil

Time Fennekin_Strider
Queen's coffee maker mall_hp
Egg Kingdom Rufus (weenierufu)
DOLL Team : Ingyeo
Bx: Execute M-256 (Isasapiens)

Cryfull IVTheCookieBorn


Title Author(s) Link to Game/Blog Status
ON FuckYeahKatnep
BACK atsu-lee
Borderline Japh The Fab Phoenix 1st Version
BOUND UndertakerElsen (Through-the-elsen eyes) V. 1.0
box love-sonic 1.0.2
BUG After of Rain 0 1st Version
Correction lomlatu 1st Version
DECODE Zachariecide (Claude Huggins) 2nd Version
LOOP mall_hp 1st Version
ONE The Tiny Ghost (Chimakiisane) Broken link, Reupload V. 4.0
PHOSPHOROUS Officialrikafurude Indefinite Hiatus
Repeat D3dans (Dan) 1st Version
Fake Qrimious & Mrcuddlyfins 1st Version
A Very OFF Xmas Jazz Jackalope 2.5econd Version

(V. 0.5.2)

START Calvaryburnt (Calv) 1st Version
RESTART CaptainLaylie 1st Version
Find Me Dismal Uprising Demo 2.1
籠-cage- nyancoat Demo1(Ver1.2)
NEW IVtheCookieBorn Demo 3
Elsewhere Future Derpy (game website) (alternate download page) (dev's blog) (official updates blog)

Ver 0.1.1
UNLOAD M-256/Isasapiens 3rd Demo
Reflection Team : Ingyeo


Title Author(s) Link to Game/Blog
END [Unknown]
RELEASE [Unknown]
Knight Arctic Dragon (Icy)
OXYGEN HyperbolicFlush
RESET Xander
Rupture Omnipenne
ZERO FishyTheSlap (Sammy)
BURN AskTheGhostBatter
PIECE CalvaryBurnt (Calv)
DREAM candylicious-guts (Ariel), mapmeato (Devon)
GRAND AlphaTheGhost
Nevermore Pie
Fall Ditzy CO.
Off Mark dominiichan
Judgement koibitto
TIME Spazbo666

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