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Screenshot of the park in Zone 2 showing the statue of Zacharie and the Batter, riding the roller-coaster.

Objects in OFF are items that can be equipped, used to improve a character's stats, solve puzzles, or be used for recovery, among other things. They can be found throughout each Zone in chests, obtained after purifying enemies, or bought from Zacharie.

Recovery ItemsEdit

These items can be used while walking around, and most can also be used in combat.

Name Description Cost Sold for

Abaddon's meatEdit

"Fully restores the team's HP and CP out of combat" 1000 500

Belial's meatEdit

"Cures all negative status alterations" 90 45

Fortune TicketEdit

"Recovers a large amount of HP"

Heals roughly 1000 HP on the character of choice.

300 150

Golden FleshEdit

"Recovers a large amount of CP"

Recovers roughly 100 CP on the character of choice.

500 250


"Revives a person"

Revives dead team member and recovers 25% of HP (from OffGame Wiki).

120 60

Luck TicketEdit

"Recovers a moderate amount of HP"

Heals roughly 100 HP on the character of choice.

40 20

Moloch's MeatEdit

"Cures poison" 30 15

Silver FleshEdit

"Recovers a moderate amount of CP" 180 90

Combat ItemsEdit

These items can only be used in the midst of combat.

Name Description Cost Sold for


"Object that's utilisable in combat." 1000 500


"Analyses the enemies' characteristics"

Works like the Batter's Wide Angle.

20 10


"Object that's utilisable in combat."

It does low damage to one opponent.

200 100


Equipment are special kinds of objects which can be equipped to boost the Batter or an Add-Ons stats. Please go to the equipment page to see the list of equipment in the game.


Orbs provide a permanent upgrade to a character's stats. They cannot be bought from Zacharie, but can be sold for 100 credits each. They are all found once per zone excluding zone 0. In zone 1 the very first set can be found by purifying the barn and then backtracking within the smoke mines to the room that you got ambushed in and go up. There is an additional Taurus-orb at the office place by putting in the number 87666 and then talking to Zacharie. In zone 2 you must enter Zacharies office to get the next batch. His office is accessible by giving the guard a Photo of Zacharie. In zone 3 you have to do the fall mini game a 2nd time in area 3.

Note: These items are one-use (disappear after effects are applied to character).

Name Description


"Increases a character's Sprit by 5"


"Increases a character's Defense by 5"


"Increases a character's max CP by 15"


"Increases a character's Attack by 5"


"Increases a character's max HP by 50"


"Increases a character's Agility by 5"


Cards allow access to new zones. They are automatically obtained after defeating a zone's boss [excluding Zone 0]. Cards cannot be sold.

Name Description How to obtain


"Permits access to zone 1" Given to you by The Judge after completing the Zone 0 tutorial.


"Permits access to zone 2" Obtained after defeating Dedan.


"Permits access to zone 3" Obtained after defeating Japhet.


"Permits access to The Room" Obtained after defeating Enoch.


"Permits access to The Room (again)" Obtained after telling the Giant Elsen the correct code twice in Chapter 3 in The Room.


"Permits access to a secret place"

Allows you to view the 3rd ending.

You may trade the five Grand Objects for this or the Ashley Bat, the strongest weapon for the Batter.

Special ItemsEdit

These items can be viewed in your inventory with the exception of the Necktie. The Stamped Note can only be viewed at the cafeteria in Area 1 of Zone 3. Most of these can only be used when they become relevant to the plot.

Name Description Image


"The cover says 'title illegible'."

A strange book given to you by Dedan after giving him the calendar page in Chapter 4 in The Room. It shows pictures of plants on the inside. It is later given to Japhet and can be looked at in the library in zone 2 (earlier in the game).


Calendar PageEdit

"It's obviously Sunday, the third of June."

Music BoxEdit

"A small music box."

Found in Zone 3. Can be used to play a quicker version of the song, "The Race of a Thousand Ants"; if you exit out of the music box, the music will stop.

If given to Zacharie, he'll give you a hint: "In the game folder, your browser will find the file 'Read me'. Its name is not innocent, I'd suggest an active, assiduous reading." In the file, one of the FAQ answers gives a secret code that is needed to reach the third Guardian, Enoch.

Holding onto the box until Chapter 3 of The Room will allow you to find a secret chest.

Note: If you already know the hint, there is no need to give the music box to Zacharie.


"A nice, black necktie, for use in Bismark."

Won in the balloon popping game at the park and used to access the residential area of Bismark. The Elsens will later confiscate the necktie as they deem your bat too dangerous a weapon to be allowed inside.

Warning: Do not sell the item, or the game will become unwinnable.

Photo of YouEdit

"A photo of your ride on the Roller Coaster."

Obtained from the roller coaster guard after riding the coaster alone. Can be sold to Zacharie for 10 credits.

You can obtain both the Photo of You and the Photo of Zacharie.

Photo of ZacharieEdit

"A photo of your ride on the Roller Coaster."

Can be used to access Zacharie's office below "The Cruise of Happiness" ride at the park, or sold to Zacharie for 500 credits. You can also sell it after accessing Zacharie's office.

Off Screen 6

Stamped NoteEdit

"A poster full of stamp marks."

Found in Zone 3; not sellable. Used in Area 1 of Zone 3 to safely traverse the cafeteria without summoning specters.

The Five GrandsEdit

These items cannot be used from the inventory. Each are associated with one of the Elements. When all five are gathered, they can be traded with Zacharie in Zone 0 for either the Ashley Bat (the strongest weapon in the game for the Batter) or the Aries-Card (which unlocks the game's "true" ending). 

Name Description

Grand BrachialEdit

"A bizarre object, associated with meat."

Can be bought from Zacharie for 5000 credits in Chapter 2 of The Room (not in Zone 2); sold for 2500 credits each.

Grand FinaleEdit

"A bizarre object, associated with plastic."

Found near the end of Zone 1, after its purification; not sellable.

Grand DiagonalEdit

"A bizarre object, associated with metal."

Found in Zone 2, after its purification; not sellable.

After Zone 2 is purified, return to the residential area through the mall maze (the main gate is cut off). Head to the southeast bunker and enter the code 1709. You will find a sole survivor on the ground floor. Go to the basement to find a Thursday and the Grand Diagonal.

Grand SpectralEdit

"A bizarre object, associated with smoke."

Found in Zone 3, after its purification; not sellable.

After Zone 3 is purified, head back to Enoch's office and exit through the new door downwards. You'll find yourself in a plain white room. Head northeast about 10-20 steps (10-20 north and 10-20 east) and you'll arrive at another door. Enter it to find the Grand Spectral in a chest as well as a "day" item. Note that this plain white room has a "repeated" structure.

Grand ChocolatierEdit

"A bizarre object, associated with sugar."

Obtained from defeating Sugar, the secret boss in Zone 0; not sellable.