Mortis Ghost is the creator of OFF.


Mortis Ghost is from Belgium. He finished making OFF in 2007. He gladly communicates with his fans and answers plenty of questions, although does appear to be a bit perplexed about the fame OFF has suddenly acquired. He can be found on deviantArt, Blogspot, Tumblr, and Twitter, and generally posts in French unless he's talking to an english-speaking fan. He has also published plenty of concept sketches for OFF on these sites.

  • Here is the link to his deviantArt.
  • Here is the link to his Blogspot.
  • Here is the link to his Tumblr.
  • Here is the link to his Twitter
  • Here is the link to his RedBubble

Now, please don't harrass him as he is a really nice gentleman.


Mortis Ghost's art style seems to be drawn with contour lines, and has a rough texture.

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