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The Fourth Guardian (of Meat)






Chapter 0 of The Room

Associated Element


Hugo is a mysterious entity residing in The Room. He is the creator of The Batter and The Queen, Vader Eloha. Throughout the course of the game he seems to be aware of the events as they happen, or at least of the guardians' deaths.


Only by using Wide Angle on him as his name is never revealed, he is described as "A little boy.". Near her death the Queen says "He has your eyes," to which the Batter replies "His are full of fear."  Despite looking like a baby or toddler, he is able to speak.

His dialogue noise is a child's coughs. During The Room it is mentioned that he has been made to take pills and should go outside, suggesting that he may be ill-perhaps terminally.

In concept art and in his sprite he is shown holding ham, and Mortis's notes mark him as the guardian of the element Meat. Due to misinterpretation of his sprite, many fans depict him wearing a red onesie or holding a red blanket.



During the adventures within The Room, it is alluded that the Zone's guardians are addressing Hugo rather than The Batter as he runs various errands for them.

The RoomEdit

The part of The Room Hugo is encountered in is bright red in contrast to the dark gray and black the rest of the level is decorated in, which turns gray and white, the same as a purified zone, upon the defeat of Hugo.

In BattleEdit

Hugo is encountered in Chapter 0 of The Room.


When he is fought, Hugo does not attack.  The only thing he can do is defend. Once encountered, the player can either stall Hugo's imminent death or allow The Batter to near the completion of his sacred mission by killing him.



  • Hugo was voiced by Fred Phoenix.
  • The original translation of the game had a crucial mistranslation about the Queen, the Batter, and Hugo.  He is not their son, they were created by him: "I will not let you lay a hand on the son that brought us into the world."  This has been fixed in the 2.0 translation.
    • This is possibly related to the Christian Holy Trinity, though it has not been confirmed.
  • Hugo is confirmed to be human, whereas the Batter and the Queen are not.
  • Speculations as to what else Hugo may have created (if not the entire world of OFF) vary.
  • The original (french) version of the Queen's and the Batter's exchange, "he has your eyes"\"they are full of fear" is "il a tes yeux"\"les siens ont peur". Therefore the literal translation of the answer is "his are frightened", not "they are full of fear", definitely stating it as a difference between the batter's eyes and Hugo's, contrary to the ambiguous "they" of the english version.