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Enoch's battle sprite during the chase.




The Big Mister




Office in Area 4 of Zone 3

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Enoch is the guardian of Zone 3.


Enoch appears as a fat man with a tie and a comical small face. He is the ruler of Zone 3 and the overseer of sugar production. He also appears to have the power to change size, as shown in his battle. (This may also have been a stylistic choice on the developer's part.)

The theme played pre-battle is titled: Front Gate


He is proud of his status as a guardian, going so far as to state that his kind are a 'little like gods'. There may be some truth in his words as he is the only character known to have created his own element rather than harvesting it.


Pre-Batter : The RoomEdit

During The Room, Enoch is stuck in a hole and the Batter (as Hugo) must save him. It is revealed that he knows how to cook sweets.

In BattleEdit

Enoch is first encountered in his office at A4 in Zone 3. In the first fight between him and the Batter, he is unable to be defeated, and the Batter must flee in order to proceed. This triggers a chase scene where you must run down the hallways that led up to him - if he catches up to you, the fight re-initiates and the Batter must attempt to run once again. After making it back to the station, Enoch has grown to a massive size, and the real battle initiates.

After defeating Enoch, he tells the Batter that without a guardian, Zone 3 will cease to exist, and "all the men who live here, whether they deserve it or not, will fall into nothingness, never to return." The zone is promptly purified.


Dramatic Crescendo

Dramatic Irony

Trigger Element

Law of Causation 



During the first fight, before the chase, simply make your Add-Ons defend and The Batter attempt to flee until it succeeds. This takes an average of 2-3 attempts. If he manages to catch up to you, repeat the process. Remember, the flee option will not be available in the menu at the lower left. You must select "Attack" and wait for The Batter's turn. The Batter will have a flee option in the menu at the lower right when scrolling down to see the additional options.

During the second fight, Enoch has a massive amount of health compared to previous bosses (unless you fought Sugar early). Make sure to keep your CP up on Omega, as Enoch frequently causes Sleep and Poison, occasionally along with Rage. His damage output is relatively low in comparison, so as long as you can keep your team at a decent health, all you will need to do is bring him down with normal attacks. However, Enoch also has the ability to steal team member's CP, preventing them from using competences. Bring a few Silver/Golden Flesh along to counteract this.

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Trivia Edit

  • Enoch was voiced by Mortis Ghost himself.
  • During The Room, Hugo refers to Enoch as 'The Big Mister'.
  • The music during the chase scene is called 'The Race of a Thousand Pounds', in reference to Hugo's theme, 'The Race of a Thousand Ants'.
  • The music during his proper fight is 'O Rosto De Um Assassino', which roughly translates to 'The Face of a Murderer'.
  • Enoch can actually be beaten in the first stage if the player is overleveled enough, but this does not result in the premature purification of the zone. He must still be fought a second time.
  • Enoch's last line may give a clue as to where all the whispers in the Nothingness are actually coming from. However, this can be misleading as the Batter could still enter the Zone having been purified, and an Elsen is known to be found in a residential building in Zone 2 after purification.
  • Enoch is the second character to go through the most changes in his concept art. The first one being Japhet.
  • It's notable that in Enoch's concept art there are some sketches of him with an add-on like thing behind him.
  • Enoch paraphrases Psalm 23 before his chase: "Yaaaahahaha!!! In the shadow of the valley of death, you shall fear the apostle of darkness! I'll kill you, Batter!"

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The name  Enoch is related in Judaism or Christianity