1. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 1; Upon coming out from the smoke mines]

[Elsen] Wh... What?
[Elsen] Did you come form the smoke mines?
[The Batter] Yes.
[Elsen] But... But... But there are loads of spectres down there...
[The Batter] Yes.
[Elsen] Are you a spectre?
[The Batter] No.
[Elsen] Then who are you? Have you been sent by the Queen? Or by Dedan?
[The Batter]No.
[Elsen]But... But... But... You still know how to fight the spectres?
[Elsen]You... You could destroy them?
[The Batter]Yes.
[Elsen]Oh. That... That would be great...
[Elsen]We... We have... Uh... Spectres in our big barns.
[The Batter]Barns?
[Elsen]Ah... Uh... Yes...
[Elsen]Uhm... You’re at the metal farmsteads of Pentel, the eastern part of zone 1.
[Elsen]Our work consists of cutting livestock in two and extracting the metallic boulders that were contained in the cadavers.
[Elsen]All the poor quality metal is discarded, forming the ground we walk on. The rest gets purified to make tools and other objects with.
[Elsen]Some of it is also put into crates and sent to the other zones, so they have tools and soil as well, I suppose...
[Elsen]As the first of four elements... It’s an important element.
[Elsen]Because without metal, people would have nothing to walk on. They would sink and drown.
[Elsen]There... And thus we have spectres in the large barns...
[The Batter]I must purify the mines first.
[Elsen]Ah... Yes, but the barns aren’t that big... And uh...
[Elsen]It would be nice of you to take care of them fast, because the Queen’s inspector is going to arrive at any moment...
[Elsen]So... Could you please take care of the barns first?
[The Batter]...
[The Batter]Alright.
[Elsen]Ah! Ah! Great! Thanks, thanks a lot!
[Elsen]The barns are directly to the right.
[Elsen]They aren’t big at all; you’ll see, it’s going to be done quickly.

2. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 1; Upon interacting with the previous Elsen]

[Elsen]The barns are at the right... Thanks a lot for your help.

3. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 1, building; Upon interacting with the elsen next to the table]

[Elsen]I prefer working here over the smoke mines. At least you profit by the outside air.

4. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 1, building; Upon interacting with the elsen next to the fence]

[Elsen]We shouldn’t get attached to the animals… Once you are it’s difficult to put your hands inside.

5. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 2; Upon interacting with the elsen next to the balls of metal]

[Elsen]These balls are clusters of worked metal, which are going to be sent to the other zones.
[Elsen]It’s uh… Metallic.

6. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 2; Upon interacting with the elsen next to the fence]

[Elsen]We have to pay close attention to the nutrition of the animals if we want high-quality metal.

7. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 2; Upon interacting with the elsen next to the entrance]

[Elsen]You’re going to destroy the spectres? Hurry up, we’re expecting the Queen’s inspector at any moment...

8. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 2; Upon finishing off the spectres and leaving the building]

[Elsen]I... I... I... I am... Really...
[Dedan]Shut your trap, you poor moron.
[Elsen]No... I... Yes...
[Dedan]Has he been in there for long?
[Elsen]I... I don’t know...
[Dedan]Of course. You know nothing.
[Dedan]I could've guessed.
[Elsen]He... He will eliminate... The spectres...
[Dedan]And why does he think he’s capable of destroying those stupid phantoms?
[Dedan]He thinks he’s better than you! Better than the Queen!
[Elsen]No... No, I don’t think that...
[Dedan]Shut it. I haven’t asked you anything.
[Dedan]You all think you’re smarter than everyone else.
[Dedan]But you’re all the same.
[Dedan]At any case that’s hardly important.
[Dedan]The ghosts will erase that prig.
[Elsen]I... Ah? You... You think he won’t succeed?
[Dedan]Of course not. Nobody here’s capable of fighting the phantoms, other than the Queen’s officers.
[Dedan]If you’d only listen to me more often, you wouldn’t be in so much shit.
[Elsen]But... But then who... Who’s going to destroy the phantoms?
[Dedan]I could’ve done it.
[Dedan]But you don’t deserve it.
[Dedan]Too bad for you, you’ll just have to take care of your problems yourselves.
[Elsen]I... I... No... P-... Please...
[Dedan]I’ll be leaving now.
[Dedan]I’ll be returning to Alma. At least the people there are polite. They ain’t constantly cutting you off.
[Elsen]Pl-... Please... Don’t...
[Dedan]Piss off.
[Elsen]Don’t... No... I...
[Dedan]I command you. Get the fuck out of my way this instant, if you want to keep your job.

9. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 2; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[The Batter]Who was that person?
[Elsen]You... You’re alive?
[The Batter]Yes.
[Elsen]And... And the spectres?
[The Batter]Eradicated. The barn is pure now.
[Elsen]That... You...
[Elsen]You must be very lucky.
[The Batter]Who was that person?
[Elsen]That... That was Dedan.
[Elsen]He’s the Queen’s supervisor.
[The Batter]You mean specter.
[Elsen]... No...
[Elsen]The Queen doesn’t employ spectres. He can’t be one.
[The Batter]But he’s hostile.
[The Batter]I must destroy him.
[Elsen]No... No... Don’t do that.
[Elsen]He’s an envoy of the Queen.
[Elsen]I... I... Uh... You had better go complete your work in the smoke mines...
[Elsen]... P-Please...
[The Batter]...
[Elsen]Besides, he is in Alma. No one can get there without proper authorization.
[Elsen]So... Please... Return to the smoke mines...
[The Batter]Alright.

10. [Zone 1 - Pentel, area 2; Upon interacting with the elsen, again]

[Elsen]Re... Return to the mines, please.