1. [Zone 1 - Damien, Smoke Mines, area 4; Upon interacting with Zacharie]

[Zacharie]The characters are starting to pile up, aren’t they?
[The Batter]Pardon?
[Zacharie]What I’m saying is that the average player doesn’t need all these complicated and tedious dialogues.
[Zacharie]There should be more action and fewer questions.
[The Batter]Who are you?
[Zacharie]I’m Zacharie, the traditional items merchant that’s necessary in every video game.
[Zacharie]I’ll always find myself in places you’re going to visit before you arrive.
[Zacharie]But enough blether. I’m not one of those protagonists you need to listen to for hours.
[Zacharie]So, lemme see the color of your credits.

2. [General dialogues with Zacharie]

[Zacharie]Need anything in particular?
[Zacharie]Here’s what I have at the moment.
[Zacharie]How many would you like?
[Zacharie]There! There!
[Zacharie]Anything else?
[Zacharie]Let’s see what you have here…
[Zacharie]How many of them?
[Zacharie]See you next time.