1. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 2; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen]Uh... I... I don't have the right to let anyone pass...
[Elsen]Unless... Unless they answer some questions...
-Answer questions
[Elsen]1. The second came from (de) Jerusalem and...
-The third from Lourdes/The third from Orta/The third from Vienne
[Elsen]2. The Holy Trinity (La sainte trinite) is made up of...
[Elsen]3. Notre-Dame first appeared on the...
[Elsen]4. How many threes are there in June (Juin)?
[Elsen]5. Cyrille, Kevin & ...
--((Answer questions incorrectly))
[Elsen]... One or more of your answers were false.
--((Answer questions correctly))
[Elsen]... All your answers are correct.
[Elsen]But... Uh... There is one more question.
[Elsen]6. If you turn the month March (Mars) upside-down, what two-digit number can you read?
--((Input incorrect number))
[Elsen]Uh... No. That's not it.
--((Input 87))
[Elsen]That's... That's correct...

2. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 2; Upon defeating the elsen]

[Elsen]My... My nails are all dirty...
((Elsen disappears))

3. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 3; Upon approaching center]

[Elsen]You... You... uh...
[Batter]I'm here to see Dedan.
[Elsen]De... Dedan...
[Elsen]Yes... Yes of course...
[Elsen]Hhh... You're here at the meat fountains of Alma, the center of the first zone.
[Elsen]Here, meat flows freely, continually filling these immense metal pools you see before you.
[Elsen]Our work consists of pouring this meat into bottles before the fountains overflow.
[Elsen]The meat is then immediately delivered to all the other zones, from zone 1 on.
[Elsen]As the first of four elements... It's an important element...
[Elsen]Because without meat, people would have nothing to eat. They would die of starvation, one after another.
[Elsen]Ma... Master Dedan has an office in the center of the fountains...
[Elsen]But... but nobody has ever found it.
[Elsen]Generally... speaking... Master Dedan seems to only appear when necessary...
[Elsen]Well, uh... there.
[Elsen]... ... Who are you, anyways?
[Batter]I've come to liberate the world of malignance.
[Elsen]Oh... Oh really?
[Elsen]Uh... well then...
[Elsen]Can you liberate me?

4. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 3; Upon defeating the elsen]

[Elsen]Perhaps it will get better now...

5. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 3; Upon interacting with Zacharie]

[Zacharie]Hello ______! In good shape? ... Perhaps you have some spare credits?

6. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 4; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen]Plea... Please let me work!

7. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 4; Upon defeating the elsen]

[Elsen]Yet, I've never been ill...
((Elsen disappears))

8. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 5; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen]I don't want to be burnt.

9. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 5; Upon defeating the elsen]

[Elsen]Well, crap.
((Elsen disappears))

10. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 6; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen]I don't want to be a phantom...

11. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 6; Upon defeating the elsen]

[Elsen]What's happening to me?
((Elsen disappears))

12. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 7; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen]We're no longer productive enough...

13. [Zone 1 - Alma, area 7; Upon defeating the elsen]

[Elsen]If I'm not working... Who is going to?
((Elsen disappears))

14. [Zone 1 - Alma, center of meat fountain; upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge]I wish you good day, omnipresent comrade. You will soon be able to admire all the apples and ultramarine landscapes of this area.
[The Judge]You seem bewildered by the unique architecture of this place. If that is the case, you should learn to concentrate.
[The Judge]In order to not be misled whilst choosing the opportunities offered at each corner of the maze, you had better remain and ponder a little while longer before crossing one of these trap doors next time, young drunkard.

15. [Zone 1 - Alma, Dedan's office; Upon entering]

[Dedan]... You!!
[Dedan]By the Queen's thousand faces!
[Dedan]Are you crazy? Are you just completely retarded?!
[Dedan]What part of "I'm gonna kill you" didn't you understand?
[Batter]I'm here to eliminate you.
[Dedan]You're insane.
[Dedan]I'm the guardian of zone 1. It ain't nothing without me!
[Dedan]What mental disorder got your blind faith to hide even the slightest bit of evidence from yourself?
[Batter]I'm the one who's going to purify the world.
[Batter]And you're the pest that eats away at this land.
[Batter]Prepare yourself.
[Dedan]You'll taste the pain, you sick spirit.
[Dedan]I'm gonna cut your face to remove this insufferable smile.

16. [Zone 1 - Alma, Dedan's office; Upon defeating Dedan]

[Dedan]hhh... hhh... hhh...
[Dedan]Is... this... a joke?..
[Dedan]I... I... I lost? lost ???
[Batter]You've been defeated, Dedan, guardian of the first zone.
[Batter]This land is now pure.
[Hugo]That started badly...