Zone 0Edit

1. [Nothingness]

[] Welcome, ______.
[] You have been assigned to a being called “The Batter”.
[] The Batter has an important mission. Be sure that it’s accomplished.
[] We will let you out in zone 0. Good luck.
[] For more information, find the one called “The Judge”.

2. [Zone 0 - Starting location]

[] To move your body, use the arrow keys.
[] To interact with the environment, use the space bar or the enter key.

3. [Zone 0 - In front of the building; Upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge] There cannot be any other living beings in Zone 0, so I must assume that you are only a mere figment of my imagination.
[The Judge] Nevertheless, I will introduce myself. I am the Judge, and I am aching to know your name, dear elusory interlocutor.
[The Batter] I’m the Batter. I’ve been assigned to a sacred mission.
[The Judge] It is a pleasure. However, it is not the puppet I was addressing, but the puppeteer controlling it. What is your name, dear puppeteer?
[The Batter] His/Her name is _______. He/She can’t talk to us.
[The Batter] However, he/she can hear and see everything.
[The Judge] Even though you too are but an inexistent apparition in my eyes, let it be said that I am delighted to meet you as well, dear ______.
[The Batter] I believe we’re in need of your services.
[The Judge] Many people are in need of my services, you know. Everybody loves cats.
[The Judge] We rub ourselves against their legs and purr in the most insistent manner. They adore that.
[The Batter] I’m not talking about that kind of help.
[The Judge] I see… But what sort of service could I offer to an ectoplasmic entity?
[The Batter] I have a sacred mission to fulfil.
[The Batter] I must purify the world.
[The Judge] There is no objective more laudable than yours. I accept to serve you as a guide through this area, if it is of any help to you.
[The Batter] Thanks.

4. [Zone 0 - After climbing the ladder; Upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge] Allow me to confess that I find you quite tangible for a phantasmagorical being.
[The Judge] Might you in fact be a creature of flesh and blood?
[The Batter] I think so, yes.
[The Judge] So I have been mistaken from the beginning. You did not even interrupt me in my deluded phantasms…
[The Judge] This is relatively bizarre, I must say, for you are the first living being I was given a chance to encountr in this lieu.
[The Judge] I had in fact concluded that zone 0 was an empty land. Obviously I was misled.
[The Judge] However, there exist other zones. And in those territories, the risk of hostile individuals attacking you in the most violent manner is quite high.
[The Judge] Your sacred mission will likely lead you into these lands. Would you like me to teach you the art of violent confrontation?
[] Combat tutorial?
[] No tutorial, are you certain?
[The Judge] So are you pretending to be able to handle the bat with virtuosity without even needing my wise pieces of advice?
[The Judge] I hope for you that what you state is more than hot air meant to impress me, because that would be taking a high risk.
[The Judge] But I will assume that this is not the case and that you are the fighter of value you claim to be.
[The Judge] Be as it may, your training has not reached its end yet. Let me ask you to follow me, if you still want me as your guide.

5. [Zone 0 - Building, Room one; Upon interacting with the Judge.]

[The Judge] Ah, yes. To pass through here, you need to use your cerebral organ. You know, the one bathing flabbily in your tired cranium.
[The Judge] I believe those floating blocks correspond to the symbols you can see on the wall in some way another.

6. [Zone 0 - Building; Upon interacting with one of the windows]

[The Batter] I think it’s a nice day outside.

7. [Zone 0 - Building, Room two; Upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge] Is there a problem, my dear pictorial heroes? I am not your genitor. I cannot do everything for you.
[The Judge] Nonetheless, may I dare to suggest you wage activating certain ones of these strange floating blocks more than one time, if required?
[The Judge] So come, solve this intriguing puzzle for me, and quickly, if you please. I wish to rejoin the ground floor as soon as possible.

8. [Zone 0 - Building, Room three; Upon entering]

[The Judge] Ahaha, finally! After all that exertion, the eagerly awaited recompense makes its entrance to the scene!

9. [Zone 0 - Last zone; Upon leaving the building]

[The Judge] Here is an accessory that is going to be especially helpful on your purifying quest, dear enlightened student and sportive friend.
[The Judge] It is a cube, hovering in midair, as you have likely noticed. Nevertheless, you will be able to differentiate it from similar ones
[The Judge] by the contrast of bad taste it imposes on your view of its clashing color, defying any sensible course of plastic arts.
[The Judge] However, do not judge it too quickly, because despite its criticisable appearance, this red cube is of undeniable use.
[The Judge] Aside from rendering you the entirely of your health and competence points, it is capable of saving your progress and sending you to the nothingness.
[The Judge] The nothingness is a lieu of transition outside of space itself, where you can travel from one point to another at the speed of light.
[The Judge] I now invite you to try it out, in order to discover locations more populous than this deserted land.
[The Judge] Open your wings, my dear companion, and hurry away towards the following zones without hesitation! Your only enemy is the fear that will grab you.
[The Batter] Okay.
[The Judge] Do not worry, I too travel a lot through the different zones of the world. We will newly meet one another eventually without a doubt.
[The Judge] Ah! By the by, take this. This object of a curious name will be the key that permits you to enter zone 1.
[The Judge] Have I clarified that you can at any time consult your inventory and characteristics by pressing the Esc key?
[] The Leo-card has been found.