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Zone 0Edit

1. [Blank screen]

[] Welcome, ______.
[] You have been assigned to a being called “The Batter”.
[] The Batter has an important mission. Be sure that it’s accomplished.
[] We will let you out in zone 0. Good luck.
[] For more information, find the one called “The Judge”.

2. [Starting location]

[] To move your body, use the arrow keys.
[] To interact with the environment, use the space bar or the enter key.

3. [In front of the building; Upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge] There cannot be any other living beings in Zone 0, so I must assume that you are only a mere figment of my imagination.
Nevertheless, I will introduce myself. I am the Judge, and I am aching to know your name, dear elusory interlocutor

[The Batter] I’m the Batter. I’ve been assigned to a sacred mission.

[The Judge] It is a pleasure. However, it is not the puppet I was addressing, but the puppeteer controlling it. What is your name, dear puppeteer?

[The Batter] His/Her name is _______. He/She can’t talk to us.
However, he/she can hear and see everything.

[The Judge] Even though you too are but an inexistent apparition in my eyes, let it be said that I am delighted to meet you as well, dear ______.

[The Batter] I believe we’re in need of your services.

[The Judge] Many people are in need of my services, you know. Everybody loves cats.
We rub ourselves against their legs and purr in the most insistent manner. They adore that.

[The Batter] I’m not talking about that kind of help.

[The Judge] I see… But what sort of service could I offer to an ectoplasmic entity?

[The Batter] I have a sacred mission to fulfill.
I must purify the world.

[The Judge] There is no objective more laudable than yours. I accept to serve you as a guide through this area, if it is of any help to you.

[The Batter] Thanks.

4. [After climbing the ladder; Upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge] Allow me to confess that I find you quite tangible for a phantasmagorical being.
Might you in fact be a creature of flesh and blood?

[The Batter] I think so, yes.

[The Judge] So I have been mistaken from the beginning. You did not even interrupt me in my deluded phantasms…
This is relatively bizarre, I must say, for you are the first living being I was given a chance to encountr in this lieu.
I had in fact concluded that zone 0 was an empty land. Obviously I was misled.
However, there exist other zones. And in those territories, the risk of hostile individuals attacking you in the most violent manner is quite high.
Your sacred mission will likely lead you into these lands. Would you like me to teach you the art of violent confrontation?
[] Combat tutorial?
[] No tutorial, are you certain?
[The Judge] So are you pretending to be able to handle the bat with virtuosity without even needing my wise pieces of advice?
I hope for you that what you state is more than hot air meant to impress me, because that would be taking a high risk.
But I will assume that this is not the case and that you are the fighter of value you claim to be.
Be as it may, your training has not reached its end yet. Let me ask you to follow me, if you still want me as your guide.

5. [Building, Room one; Upon interacting with the Judge.]

[The Judge] Ah, yes. To pass through here, you need to use your cerebral organ. You know, the one bathing flabbily in your tired cranium.
I believe those floating blocks correspond to the symbols you can see on the wall in some way another.

6. [Building; Upon interacting with one of the windows]

[The Batter] I think it’s a nice day outside.

"'[Upon interacting with one of the numbers]"'

[The Batter] Quite peculiar.

7. [Building, Room two; Upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge] Is there a problem, my dear pictorial heroes? I am not your genitor. I cannot do everything for you.
Nonetheless, may I dare to suggest you wage activating certain ones of these strange floating blocks more than one time, if required?
So come, solve this intriguing puzzle for me, and quickly, if you please. I wish to rejoin the ground floor as soon as possible.

8. [Building, Room three; Upon entering and finding a bowl of cat food]

[The Judge] Ahaha, finally! After all that exertion, the eagerly awaited recompense makes its entrance to the scene!

9. [Last zone; Upon leaving the building and reaching the red cube]

[The Judge] Here is an accessory that is going to be especially helpful on your purifying quest, dear enlightened student and sportive friend.
It is a cube, hovering in midair, as you have likely noticed. Nevertheless, you will be able to differentiate it from similar ones
by the contrast of bad taste it imposes on your view of its clashing color, defying any sensible course of plastic arts.
However, do not judge it too quickly, because despite its criticisable appearance, this red cube is of undeniable use.
Aside from rendering you the entirely of your health and competence points, it is capable of saving your progress and sending you to the nothingness.
The nothingness is a lieu of transition outside of space itself, where you can travel from one point to another at the speed of light.
I now invite you to try it out, in order to discover locations more populous than this deserted land.
Open your wings, my dear companion, and hurry away towards the following zones without hesitation! Your only enemy is the fear that will grab you.

[The Batter] Okay.

[The Judge] Do not worry, I too travel a lot through the different zones of the world. We will newly meet one another eventually without a doubt.
Ah! By the by, take this. This object of a curious name will be the key that permits you to enter zone 1.
Have I clarified that you can at any time consult your inventory and characteristics by pressing the Esc key?

[] The Leo-card has been found.

Zone 1Edit


10. [Upon Interacting with the Elsen.]

[Elsen] Train #1 is a really useful means of transport to get about Zone 1.

Damien Edit

11. [Train stop; Upon interacting with the Elsen.]

[Elsen] Train #2 hasn’t been active for a long time…

12-1. [Area 2; Upon approaching the mines] ====

[Elsen] Uhm… Uh… A visitor?

[The Batter] …

[Elsen] I… Uhm… Welcome to the smoke mines.
Uh… May I know who you are? Are you an inspector?

[The Batter] No. I’m the Batter.
I’ve come to exterminate the impure spirits.

[Elsen] The… Batter… The… Impure spirits?
Are you some sort of… Prophet? Or perhaps a man of belief?

[The Batter] Yeah. Something like that.

[Elsen] I… Who sent you?

[The Batter] Nobody. I’m being led by _____.

[Elsen] Ah. I don’t know him. He must be a member of the superior personnel…
In any case that’s good. It means our requests have been acknowledged… Here, I’m going to explain your task.

((Images of mines and smoke appear on-screen))

[Elsen] Um… You’re at the smoke mines of Damien, the southern part of Zone 1.
Here, we send workers into deep tunnels to unearth metal from the ground, freeing embedded smoke that was trapped in the depths.
Thanks to a variety of tools we are able to put some of it into bottles, which the Queen sends to the other zones.
The rest of it flows free, forming the air that our lungs inhale and exhale… Uh… So we can live.
As the first of four elements… It’s an important element.
Because without smoke, people would have nothing to breathe.

((Screen returns to Batter and Elsen))

[Elsen] Uh… There we are. And so…
Finally… Uh… How do I put this?

[The Batter] Where are the impures?

[Elsen] Uh… Yes, there we go. There are many spectres in the mines. They are becoming more and more aggressive.
But uh, in fact, it would be better if you didn’t enter the mines… Because…
Because the regulations forbid visitors to access them.
So, uh, here’s what we’re going to do.
There’s an annex tunnel that nobody ever goes to.
But a miner went in there some time ago…
And he saw something strange, he said. Nothing like the usual.
So, I thought… Maybe… It’s the chief of the spectres.
Uh… So, there’s your task. If you accept, you’ll go into the annex tunnel and kill the chief of the spectres…
Then, the spectres will disappear and we can work properly again.
There we go, there we, uh… Do you have any questions?

[The Batter] No.

[Elsen] Ah. Great. Impeccable.
The tunnel is right down there.
I’ll wait here.

12-2. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen again before going into the annex tunnel] ====

[Elsen] Uh, well, didn’t you understand? You go down into the annex tunnel and kill the chief of the spectres.
This way, after you’re done, we can work again.
It’s going to be great.

14. [Area 2, building; Upon interacting with the Elsen inside] ====

[Elsen] Soon, I’ll be promoted. I’ll be a supervisor in Alma.
I’m anxious for that day to arrive.

15-1. [Annex tunnel; Upon approaching the Judge] ====

[The Judge] Well well, who do we have here? Is that not _____ and his picturesque jumping jack, the Batter?

[The Batter] Are you the specters’ leader?

[The Judge] Aha, no no, certainly not. I am only passing through, not unlike the smoke which is being extracted from this pale and metallic place.
However, I believe I know where the one you are taking for an ectoplasm can be found.
To tell the truth, I am perplexed. I think it is one of those peculiar objects called a spherical Add-On.
I have very well tried to accroach it, but the operation has failed systematically so far.
But I am thinking… Maybe you, one who does not have a physical order, will succeed in affiliating this spiritual entity to yours.

15-2. [Annex tunnel; Upon interacting with the Judge again before interacting with the Add-On]

[The Judge] I invite you to attempt to retrieve this “spherical Add-On”, moving it up and down right behind my pubescent back.

17. [Annex tunnel; Upon interacting with the Add-On]

[] Add-On Alpha has joined you.

[The Judge] What an exceptionally intriguing phenomenon… I must admit that I remain perplexed by this unexpected, metaphysical reaction.
Fair enough; since it has decided to accompany you, I know only to advise you to make the best usage possible of it

[The Batter] Got it.
The chief of the spectres isn’t here?

[The Judge] Sorry, but I fear I have to respond in the negative. Apart from this Add-On, I have not crossed the way of a single soul in this lieu.

18. [Annex tunnel; Upon interacting with the Judge yet again]

[The Judge] There is nothing here, this is the sort of spot that I particularly enjoy. What you are looking for is certainly located elsewhere.

19. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen after the Judge]

[Elsen] Ah, you’re back! So, have you killed the… Uh… The chief of the spectres?

[The Batter] No.
He wasn’t there.

[Elsen] Oh… Oh? Really? I… Bugger. Crap. I… Well, then uh…
I believe that I’ll have to let you enter into the main gorges, then.
But uhm… The regulations oppose it.
Alright uh… I… I suppose this is a very special case, as stated in paragraph five.
So, uh… Good, well, the main mines are on the right.

((Blocks blocking the mines are removed))

20. [Area 2; Upon interacting with one of the Elsens standing outside the main mines]

[Elsen] There are phantoms down there… They keep us from working properly.
But now it’s breaktime for me anyways.

21. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen standing behind the outside of the main mines]

[Elsen] What are you doing here? Are you the mine inspector?

22. [Smoke mines, area 1; Upon interacting with the top-left Elsen]

[Elsen] You’ve come to eliminate the spectres? That’s good news.

23. [Smoke mines, area 1; Upon interacting with the bottom-right Elsen]

[Elsen] There are phantoms in every corridor, be careful mister.
And besides… Who has let you enter? Normally the regulations prohibit external visitors...

24. [Smoke mines, area 1; Upon interacting with the bottom-center Elsen]

[Elsen] The lamps don’t always work in the endmost corridors. And since everything looks the same around here, it’s easy to get lost.

25. [Smoke mines, area 2; Upon approaching the first room]

[The Batter] Show yourselves, corrupted children! I’m the voice of forgiveness that’ll eliminate your calamitous forms.

((Eight spectres surround the Batter))

[The Batter] …
Prepare yourselves to suffer my judgement.

((Spectres defeated))

[The Batter] …
This “Add-On” is fighting by my side…
…That’s practical.
Let’s purify the other galleries.

26. [Smoke mines, area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen]

[Elsen] I’m… I’m working… I’m being productive…

27. [Smoke mines, area 2; Upon approaching a door]

[The Batter] There’s a door.
But it seems to be locked from the inside.

28. [Smoke mines, area 2; Upon interacting with the unlit lamp]

[] There’s a strange switch under this lamp…
[] Activate it / Don’t touch it
[] A door opened.

29. [Smoke mines, area 2, unlocked room; Upon interacting with the top-right Elsen]

[Elsen] We’re safe here... But we’ll have to escape once we run out of meat.

30. [Smoke mines, area 2, unlocked room; Upon interacting with the top-left Elsen]

[Elsen] Why did you open the door? The spectres are going to attack us!! Go away! Go away quickly!

31. [Smoke mines, area 2, unlocked room; Upon interacting with the bottom Elsen]

[Elsen] The regulations prohibit outside visitors to enter the main galleries! Go away!


32-1. [Area 1; Upon coming out from the smoke mines]

[Elsen] Wh... What?
Did you come form the smoke mines?

[The Batter] Yes.

[Elsen] But... But... But there are loads of spectres down there...

[The Batter] Yes.

[Elsen] Are you a spectre?

[The Batter] No.

[Elsen] Then who are you? Have you been sent by the Queen? Or by Dedan?

[The Batter] No.

[Elsen] But... But... But... You still know how to fight the spectres?
You... You could destroy them?

[The Batter] Yes.

[Elsen] Oh. That... That would be great...
We... We have... Uh... Spectres in our big barns.

[The Batter] Barns?

[Elsen] Ah... Uh... Yes...

((Images of farms and cows appear on-screen))

[Elsen] Uhm... You’re at the metal farmsteads of Pentel, the eastern part of zone 1.
Our work consists of cutting livestock in two and extracting the metallic boulders that were contained in the cadavers.
All the poor quality metal is discarded, forming the ground we walk on. The rest gets purified to make tools and other objects with.
Some of it is also put into crates and sent to the other zones, so they have tools and soil as well, I suppose...
As the first of four elements... It’s an important element.
Because without metal, people would have nothing to walk on. They would sink and drown.

((Screen returns to Batter and Elsen))

[Elsen] There... And thus we have spectres in the large barns...

[The Batter] I must purify the mines first.

[Elsen] Ah... Yes, but the barns aren’t that big... And uh...
It would be nice of you to take care of them fast, because the Queen’s inspector is going to arrive at any moment...
So... Could you please take care of the barns first?

[The Batter] ...

[Elsen] Ah! Ah! Great! Thanks, thanks a lot!
The barns are directly to the right.
They aren’t big at all; you’ll see, it’s going to be done quickly.

32-2. [Area 1; Upon interacting with the previous Elsen]

[Elsen] The barns are at the right... Thanks a lot for your help.

34. [Area 1, building; Upon interacting with the Elsen next to the table]

[Elsen] I prefer working here over the smoke mines. At least you profit by the outside air.

35. [Area 1, building; Upon interacting with the Elsen next to the fence]

[Elsen] We shouldn’t get attached to the animals… Once you are it’s difficult to put your hands inside.

36. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen next to the balls of metal]

[Elsen] These balls are clusters of worked metal, which are going to be sent to the other zones.
It’s uh… Metallic.

37. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen next to the fence]

[Elsen] We have to pay close attention to the nutrition of the animals if we want high-quality metal.

38. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen next to the entrance]

[Elsen] You’re going to destroy the spectres? Hurry up, we’re expecting the Queen’s inspector at any moment...

39. [Area 2; Upon finishing off the five spectres and leaving the building]

[Elsen] I... I... I... I am... Really...

[Dedan] Shut your trap, you poor moron.

[Elsen] No... I... Yes...

[Dedan] Has he been in there for long?

[Elsen] I... I don’t know...

[Dedan] Of course. You know nothing.
I could’ve guessed.

[Elsen] He... He will eliminate... The spectres...

[Dedan] And why does he think he’s capable of destroying those stupid phantoms?
He thinks he’s better than you! Better than the Queen!

[Elsen] No... Ni, I don’t think that...

[Dedan] Shut it. I haven’t asked you anything.
You all think you’re smarter than everyone else.
But you’re all the same.
At any case that’s hardly important.
The ghosts will erase that prig.

[Elsen ]I... Ah? You... You think he won’t succeed?

[Dedan] Of course not. Nobody here’s capable of fighting the phantoms, other than the Queen’s officers.
If you’d only listen to me more often, you wouldn’t be in so much shit.

[Elsen] But... But then who... Who’s going to destroy the phantoms?

[Dedan] I could’ve done it.
But you don’t deserve it.
Too bad for you, you’ll just have to take care of your problems yourselves.

[Elsen] I... I... No... P-... Please...

[Dedan] I’ll be leaving now.
I’ll be returning to Alma. At least the people there are polite. They ain’t constantly cutting you off.

[Elsen] Pl-... Please... Don’t...

[Dedan] Goodbye.

((Approaches Elsen, who is in the way))

[Dedan] Piss off.

[Elsen] Don’t... No... I...

[Dedan] I command you. Get the fuck out of my way this instant, if you want to keep your job.

((Dedan leaves just as Batter re-emerges from barn))

40-1. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen]

[The Batter] Who was that person?

[Elsen] You... You’re alive?

[The Batter] Yes.

[Elsen] And... And the spectres?

[The Batter] Eradicated. The barn is pure now.

[Elsen] That... You...
You must be very lucky.

[The Batter] Who was that person?

[Elsen] That... That was Dedan.
He’s the Queen’s supervisor.

[The Batter] You mean specter.

[Elsen] ... No...
The Queen doesn’t employ spectres. He can’t be one.

[The Batter] But he’s hostile.
I must destroy him.

[Elsen] No... No... Don’t do that.
He’s an envoy of the Queen.
I... I... Uh... You had better go complete yyour work in the smoke mines...
... P-Please...

[The Batter] ...

[Elsen] Besides, he is in Alma. No one can get there without proper authorisation.
So... Please... Return to the smoke mines...

[The Batter] Alright.

40-2. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen again]

[Elsen] Re... Return to the mines, please.

Damien (again)Edit

42. [Smoke Mines, area 4; Upon interacting with Zacharie]

[Zacharie] The characters are starting to pile up, aren’t they?

[The Batter] Pardon?

[Zacharie] What I’m saying is that the average player doesn’t need all these complicated and tedious dialogues.
There should be more action and fewer questions.

[The Batter] Who are you?

[Zacharie] I’m Zacharie, the traditional items merchant that’s necessary in every video game.
I’ll always find myself in places you’re going to visit before you arrive.
But enough blether. I’m not one of those protagonists you need to listen to for hours.
So, lemme see the color of your credits.


43-1. [Smoke mines, area 5; Upon entering the area]

[Elsen] ...???
What... How... Where did you come from?

[The Batter] From the smoke mines.

[Elsen] But... How... What? But... But that’s impossible...
Not a single lamp works there, you... You can’t have...

[The Batter] Faith guides my steps.

[Elsen] F-... Faith?

[The Batter] My mission is to purify the mines.
But it seems that the phantoms here are particularly numerous.

[Elsen] The... The spectres...

[The Batter] Where am I?

[Elsen] Uh... Uh...

((Images of post office and plastic appear on-screen))

[Elsen] Hhh... You’re at the plastic administrations of Shachihata, the northern part of Zone 1.
Our work consists of filling in forms. Afterwards, we wrap them up with string and send them to the courier service.
There, they ship the packages, and in return we receive parcels full of plastic.
There is a lot of liquid plastic that forms lakes and oceans. There is also solid plastic, used to make various objects.
As the first of four elements... It’s an important element.
Because without plastic, the world would have no boundaries. People would walk and walk without ever stopping.

((Screen returns to Batter and Elsen))

[Elsen] But... But... You hunt spectres? Really?

[The Batter] Yes. I’m purifying this zone.

[Elsen] The... The spectres, I know where they come from...
They all come from the postal service.

[The Batter] The postal service?

[Elsen] That’s where we send out the packaged forms.
The problem is that... Uh... Nobody can remember which floor it’s found on.

43-2. [Smoke mines, area 5; Upon interacting with the Elsen, again]

[Elsen] My office is in the basement because there is no more space on the higher stories...
...I suppose.

44. [Ground floor, Reception; Upon interacting with the Elsens in the top left room from left to right]

[Elsen 1] Form 72947, stamp 39043
[Elsen 2] Form 97963, stamp 31294
[Elsen 3] Form 64281, stamp 73038
[Elsen 4] Form 97236, stamp 14406

45. [Ground floor, Reception; Upon interacting with the Elsens in the top right room from left to right]

[Elsen 1] Form 69065, stamp 31640 
[Elsen 2] Form 74314, stamp 4610
[Elsen 3] Form 72546, stamp 13232
[Elsen 4] Form 48131, stamp 12116
[Elsen 5] Form 59087, stamp 93102

46. [Ground floor, Reception; Upon interacting with the Elsens in the bottom right room from left to right]

[Elsen 1] Form 22326, stamp 9515 
[Elsen 2] Form 87666, stamp 2584
[Elsen 3] Form 86327, stamp 51459
[Elsen 4] Form 99369, stamp 60870

47. [Ground floor, Reception; Upon interacting with the Elsens in the bottom left room from left to right]

[Elsen 1] Form 2584, stamp 10258
[Elsen 2] Form 2584, stamp 10258
[Elsen 3] Form 2584, stamp 10258
[Elsen 4] Form 2584, stamp 10258
[Elsen 5] Form 2584, stamp 10258

48. [Outside, train stop; Upon interacting with the Elsen]

[Elsen] The Queen's general has an office here... But his true house is in Alma.

49-1. [Roof; Upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge] Zounds! You again? You are decidedly everywhere. One could believe that you are following me.
Nonetheless, your steps have not deceived you, for you are here in a lieu that can certainly use sacred blows from your holy bat.
Perhaps you are already aware of this, but it appears that the storey housing the postal service is overrun by ectoplasm.
It would probably be wise to find the storey with the intangible creatures post-haste in order to dispatch them.
But could it be that the task is too difficult for your narrow mind? In that case, I may be able to provide you with some advice...

-No thanks.
[The Judge] I salute your tenacity, but I will bear your insupportable arrogance in mind.

-Some help would be welcome.
[The Judge] Open widely your ears and listen, for I will not repeat this twice, not even in the midst of the most pathetic supplication.
In one of the four rooms on the ground floor, all the employees seem to be trained to a particular set of instructions.
Additionally, if there was a choice to be made, I would prefer the lower-case over the upper-case.
That is all.

49-2. [Roof; Upon interacting with The Judge a second time]

[The Judge] So, will the final verdict soon be realised? Numerous employees certainly need your muscular wrist.

50-1. [Floor 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen in the left room]

[Elsen 1] Form 93146, stamp 35144
[Elsen 2] Form 23124, stamp 21218
[Elsen 3] Form 94015, stamp 22295
[Elsen 4] Form 4338, stamp 55439
[Elsen 5] Form 49767, stamp 57882
[Elsen 6] Form 40226, stamp 38054
[Elsen 7] Form 20599, stmap 1503
[Elsen 8] Form 12317, stamp 20289
[Elsen 9] Form 10124, stamp 82027
[Elsen 10] Form 65366, stamp 41014
[Elsen 11] Form 60821, stamp 69491
[Elsen 12] Form 79351, stamp 61337
[Elsen 13] Form 94216, stamp 41654
[Elsen 14] Form 83741, stamp 96285
[Elsen 15] Form 57800, stamp 81939

50-2. [Floor 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen in the right and bottom rooms; All the Elsen in these rooms say similar things as in part 52]

51. [Floor 2584, Lost Property Office; Upon opening the right chest]

[]This receptacle is impure!
[]A Luck ticket has been found.

52-1. [Floor 87666, Secret Service; Upon interacting with Zacharie]

[Zacharie] Looks like you found this building's secret room.
See? I'm always ahead of you. Don't you find that strange?
Well, in any case, take this item and go do something more interesting.

[]A Taurus-orb has been found.

52-2. [Floor 87666, Secret Service; Upon interacting with Zacharie a second time]

[Zacharie] I have nothing else to say. You have more interesting things to do.
If you want to buy stuff, come find me in the basement

54. [Floor 10258, Postal Service; Upon entering]

[Batter] ...
No one?

55. [Floor 10258, Postal Service; Upon approaching the stairs]

[Elsen] ...

[Batter] I'm the Batter.
Where are the phantoms?

[Elsen] ... I'm... I'm very afraid...
... Help me.

((Attacked by Elsen. Battle))

((Defeated hostile Elsen))

[Elsen] Maybe... Maybe his suit has taken control of his... his brain...

((Elsen disappears))

[Batter] Strange...

57. [Floor 10258 Area 1/2, Postal Service; Upon reading note in rightmost room]

[Batter] Something strange is written on this form...
"First version: They are six feet under, wrapped in hot metal and liquid plastic."

58. [Floor 10258 Area 1/2, Postal Service; Upon reading note in center room]

[Batter] Something strange is written on this form...
"Second version: They are eight, and they have long beards. They watch what is happening from their high silver spheres."

59. [Floor 10258 Area 2/3, Postal Service; Upon reading the note in the center room]

[Batter] Something strange is written on this form...
"Third version: A sole big insect, whose mandibles spit meat."

60. [Floor 10258 Area 2/3, Postal Service; Upon reading the note in the leftmost room]

[Batter] Something strange is written on this form...
"Fourth version: They are four, each one attributed to an element. They protect their respective crystals."

61. [Floor 10258 Area 3/4, Postal Service; Upon reading the note in the rightmost room]

[Batter] Something strange is written on this form...
"Fifth version: Five, like the fingers on a hand. Their lungs produce primordial smoke."

62. [Floor 10258 Area 3/4, Postal Service; Upon reading the note in the center room]

[Batter] Something strange is written on this form...
"Last version: There are but two, in a secret zone."

63. [Floor 10258 Area 3/4, Postal Service; Upon interacting with the Elsen]

[Elsen] Uh... Uh... The access to the secret lift is uh... forbidden...
Did... Did I say secret?

[Elsen] Well, uh... Good.

-I must pass.
[Elsen] Ah? Uh... Really? No, uh... I think that's... uh... impossible...
Unless... you uh... You have... the code?

--((Input incorrect code))
[Elsen] Uh... No... That's... That's not the code.

--((Input code 681452))
[Elsen] The... The code, it... it is exactly correct...
... Ho-...How...?
You... You must not pass!
I don't want to die!

((Attacked by Elsen. Battle.))

((Defeated hostile Elsen))

[Elsen] I'm going... to Alma...
... It will be nice.

((Elsen disappears))

65. [Director's Office, area 2; Upon entering]

[Dedan] Miserable morons! Piss off!
This is my zone! You ain't got the right to be here!
Get outta my sight, you phantoms of shit!

((Sees Batter standing at room entrance))

[Dedan] hhh... hhh...
... YOU!
It's you, you're the source of all my troubles!
The ectoplasmic lord who's been eyeing my beloved zone!
What do you want?
Why've you decided to be a pain in the ass?
I've dedicated my whole life to this place! You've got no right to ruin it with your damn ghosts!

[Batter] You're mistaken.
I'm not a phantom.
I'm a purifier.
I've come to purge the world of these ectoplasmic beings.

[Dedan] How dare you respond?
And how dare you imagine that I'd just put up with this shit...
Listen good. I'll make this simple.
Get outta here and take your goddamn specters with you, or I'm gonna kill you.
I hope that's clear enough for ya.
If I see you again... You're dead.

((Dedan disappears))

[] The tramway can now stop in Alma.


66. [Area 2; Upon interacting with the Elsen]

[Elsen] Uh... I... I don't have the right to let anyone pass...
Unless... Unless they answer some questions...

-Answer questions
[Elsen] 1. The second came from (de) Jerusalem and...
-The third from Lourdes/The third from Orta/The third from Vienne
[Elsen] 2. The Holy Trinity (La sainte trinite) is made up of...
[Elsen] 3. Notre-Dame first appeared on the...
[Elsen] 4. How many threes are there in June (Juin)?
[Elsen] 5. Cyrille, Kevin & ...

--((Answer questions incorrectly))
[Elsen] ... One or more of your answers were false.

--((Answer questions correctly))
[Elsen] ... All your answers are correct.
But... Uh... There is one more question.
6. If you turn the month March (Mars) upside-down, what two-digit number can you read?

--((Input incorrect number))
[Elsen] Uh... No. That's not it.

--((Input 87))
[Elsen] That's... That's correct...

((Attacked by Elsen. Battle))

((Defeated hostile Elsen))

[Elsen] My... My nails are all dirty...

((Elsen disappears))

68. [Area 3; Upon approaching center]

[Elsen] You... You... uh...

[Batter] I'm here to see Dedan.

[Elsen] De... Dedan...
Yes... Yes of course...

((Images appear on-screen))

[Elsen] Hhh... You're here at the meat fountains of Alma, the center of the first zone.
Here, meat flows freely, continually filling these immense metal pools you see before you.
Our work consists of pouring this meat into bottles before the fountains overflow.
The meat is then immediately delivered to all the other zones, from zone 1 on.
As the first of four elements... It's an important element...
Because without meat, people would have nothing to eat. They would die of starvation, one after another.
Ma... Master Dedan has an office in the center of the fountains...
But... but nobody has ever found it.
Generally... speaking... Master Dedan seems to only appear when necessary...
Well, uh... there.
... ... Who are you, anyways?

[Batter] I've come to liberate the world of malignance.

[Elsen] Oh... Oh really?
Uh... well then...
Can you liberate me?

((Attacked by Elsen. Battle))

((Defeated hostile Elsen))

[Elsen] Perhaps it will get better now...

((Elsen disappears))

70. [Area 3; Upon interacting with Zacharie]

[Zacharie] Hello ______! In good shape? ... Perhaps you have some spare credits?

71. [Area 4; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen] Plea... Please let me work!

((Attacked by Elsen. Battle.))

((Defeated hostile Elsen))

[Elsen] Yet, I've never been ill...

((Elsen disappears))

73. [Area 5; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen] I don't want to be burnt.

((Attacked by hostile Elsen. Battle.))

((Defeated hostile Elsen))

[Elsen] Well, crap.

((Elsen disappears))

75. [Area 6; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen] I don't want to be a phantom...

((Attacked by hostile Elsen. Battle.))

((Defeated hostile Elsen))

[Elsen] What's happening to me?

((Elsen disappears))

77. [Area 7; Upon interacting with the elsen]

[Elsen] We're no longer productive enough...

((Attacked by hostile Elsen. Battle.))

((Defeated hostile Elsen))

[Elsen] If I'm not working... Who is going to?

((Elsen disappears))

79. [Center of meat fountain; upon interacting with the Judge]

[The Judge] I wish you good day, omnipresent comrade. You will soon be able to admire all the apples and ultramarine landscapes of this area.
You seem bewildered by the unique architecture of this place. If that is the case, you should learn to concentrate.
In order to not be misled whilst choosing the opportunities offered at each corner of the maze, you had better remain and ponder a little while longer before crossing one of these trap doors next time, young drunkard.

80. [Dedan's office; Upon entering]

[Dedan]... You!!
By the Queen's thousand faces!
Are you crazy? Are you just completely retarded?!
What part of "I'm gonna kill you" didn't you understand?

[Batter]I'm here to eliminate you.

[Dedan] You're insane.
I'm the guardian of zone 1. It ain't nothing without me!
What mental disorder got your blind faith to hide even the slightest bit of evidence from yourself?

[Batter] I'm the one who's going to purify the world.
And you're the pest that eats away at this land.
Prepare yourself.

[Dedan] You'll taste the pain, you sick spirit.

((Commence battle))

[Dedan] I'm gonna cut your face to remove this insufferable smile.

((Defeated Dedan))

[Dedan] hhh... hhh... hhh...
Is... this... a joke?..
I... I... I lost? lost ???

[Batter] You've been defeated, Dedan, guardian of the first zone.
[Batter] This land is now pure.

((Screen flashes white and blacks out. A distant red room appears with a little boy, Hugo))

[Hugo] ...
That started badly...

((The Batter re-appears in the Nothingness. Access to Zone 2 is granted))

Zone 2 Edit

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Zone 3 Edit

If someone is able to accurately fill this space please do so, because the last person here deleted it all.

~== The Room ==~

General Dialogues Edit

Zacharie (while buying/selling) Edit

[Zacharie] Need anything in particular?

[Zacharie] Here’s what I have at the moment.

[Zacharie] How many would you like?

[Zacharie] There! There!

[Zacharie] Anything else?

[Zacharie] Let’s see what you have here…

[Zacharie] How many of them?

[Zacharie] See you next time.

Purified Zones Edit

Reading a poster

[Batter] There's nothing on the poster.

(Zone 3) Door Maze - Opening a Door

[Batter] It's closed.