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Dedan, Boss of Zone 1




The Tall Mister




Office in Alma of Zone 1

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Dedan is the guardian of Zone 1 and the first boss the player encounters. 


Dedan appears as a tall (Hugo refers to him as "tall mister"), skeletal figure with a disfigured head and long, clamp-like teeth. He has long, lanky arms and large hands with bony fingers. Similarly to Bad Batter, his eyesocket appears to be connected to his mouth cavity, but no connection has been drawn between the two of them.

He appears to be topless with the exception of a long overcoat with shoulder pads and large lapels, and sports baggy shorts with a belt.


Dedan is a bitter and hot-tempered man. He is completely irrational and a horrible listener as seen in his first appearance. Not staying true to his word, Dedan abuses the workers he rules over and delivers justice with a harsh hand. He is often seen using excessive profanity, and he makes rude statements against the Batter during their final encounter.


Dedan is loyal to the Queen and seems to have some affection for Hugo. He's harsh to his subjects and can't stand The Batter.

Pre-Batter : The RoomEdit

When seen in The Room level, Dedan seems to be a more level-headed person. He asks Hugo for the date and takes an interest in pedalos. Like all the other guardians, Dedan seemed to have a sincere interest in rebuilding the world.

In BattleEdit

You first encounter Dedan harrassing his employees at Pentel, but you do not get to fight him on the account of being inside the barn. You later find him in his office at Shachihata's Postal Service fighting off some spectres. He gives the Batter a threatening warning before leaving to Alma. The Batter and Dedan finally have their face-off at Dedan's main office.

In-battle description: Royal guardian of zone 1. HP: ??? CP: ???. First Boss.

Base Statistics Edit

HP: 4000 Attack: 80 Esprit: 70 CP: 200 Defense: 65 Agility: 55


  • Minute Hand and Sweep Hand (deals damage)
  • Hour Hand (inflicts Sleep on one party member)
  • Sweep Hand (Inflicts Furious stat)
  • Creates a word bubble saying "笑" (meaning "laugh" in Chinese and Japanese), similar to the Fat Spectres fought earlier. The word bubble can also attack and must also be defeated to complete the battle.


Dedan is the first boss the player encounters in the game. He is far stronger than any spectre fought previously, with a large amount of health, ability to put players to sleep (Omega, the Add-On cures this, but is not obtained until Zone 2), and ability to spawn minions, similar to the Fat Spectre earlier. Remember to bring some status-cure meats in order to counteract his Hour Hand competence, and use Batter's Save First Base smartly. He should go down eventually and will purify Zone 1 on defeat.


  • 3000 Experience
  • 601 Credits
  • Cancer-card



  • Dedan was voiced by Meh.
  • Dedan's battle theme is called "Fake Orchestra" performed by Alias Conrad Coldwood.
  • The pronounciation of Dedan's name has been confirmed as 'dae-dan' by Mortis here.
  • Dedan's competences are named after clockwork. This is referred to in The Room, where Dedan's house has a (broken) clock, as well as the theme played there (along with some areas in Zone 1), which is appropriately called 'Clockwork'.
  • In response to fan emails, Mortis has said 'why not' to the theoretical idea of Dedan being in love with Vader Eloha. However, this is still not canon in-game. 
  • In The Room, Dedan mentions he was bit by a cow. This may have lead to the use of "cow stones" as a material to walk on.
  • By piecing together the pages of text in Zone 2's library, you can find this about Dedan: "The First Guardian, Dedan, was filled with Anger. Thanks to his strong determination and his body made out of Steel, he ruled his Zone with an iron fist."
    Email from MG

    Mortis's response to a fan email.


Dedan is a reference to a person in the Bible as the rest of the bosses like Enoch and Japhet.

☀dedan- A son of Raamah