Special thanks to the people involved with OFF!! For without them, the game and this wiki wouldn't exist.

Unproductive Fun TeamEdit

in partnership with La Banque Mondiale Et Son Orchestre, Forgotten Dreams

Mortis GhostEdit

In charge of the production, scenario and graphics, Mortis Ghost is credited as the creator of the world of OFF.

Alias Conrad ColdwoodEdit

Alias Conrad Coldwood helped with the co-production of OFF and made the entire sountrack of OFF (with the exception of "Over the Rainbow" by Judy Garland).

Self-taught shoe maker, [ACC] stopped studying a couple of years ago. It is during one of his visit to the zoo that he discovered music, that touches him almost as much as a child's smile, the practice of derivatives and integrals or macaronis with roquefort sauce (to which he loves to get attached to by naming it "Rocky" in the honor of the famous movie "Dark Trowel", somewhat inspired by a book written by someone... maybe Amélie Nothomb). "I'd rather win the lottery than to have broken my leg" he declared when he was asked questions about the soundtrack of Off and his shady collaborations with Mortis Ghost (including the very obscure site "Unproductive Home"). But he insist to tell that music is just a hobby, as his real job is to make cow noises in public. Finally, he is often nice and obliging and won't let you go before you saw his scar.
Cordonnier autodidacte, [ACC] n'étudie plus depuis des années. C'est au cours d'une de ses visites au zoo qu'il découvre la musique, ce qui le touche presque autant que le sourire d'un enfant, la mise en pratique des dérivées et intégrales ou encore les macaronis à la sauce roquefort (à laquelle il aime tant s'attacher en la baptisant "Rocky" en l'honneur du célèbre film "Truelle Sombre", vaguement inspiré d'un bouquin écrit par quelqu'un... peut-être Amélie Nothomb). "J'aurais préféré gagner au loto plutôt que de me casser une jambe" aurait-il déclaré lorsqu'on lui pose des questions sur la bande son de Off et ses collaborations douteuses avec Mortis Ghost (dont le très obscur site "Unproductive Home"). Mais il tient à préciser que la musique c'est qu'un passe temps d'amateur puisque son vrai travail consiste à faire des bruits de vache en public. A part ça, il est souvent gentil et serviable et ne vous laissera d'ailleurs pas partir sans que vous n'ayez vu sa cicatrice.



  • Enoch = Mortis Ghost
  • Elsen = Alias Conrad Coldwood
  • Dedan = Meh
  • Hugo = Fred Phoenix
  • Pablo = John Vattic & Ric Hunter
  • Sucre = Ze.
  • Vader Eloha = Aureden
  • Zacharie = Duf

Image translationEdit

  • Creation

Main testingEdit

  • Ze.

Beta testingEdit

  • Eolen
  • Kno
  • Minusc

Design of Boxxer and BallmanEdit

  • Azertip

Design of SugarEdit

  • Lithiriem

Enterbrain Edit

French TranslationEdit

  • Bodom Child
  • Rabbi

Reconstructed Game TeamEdit

for the English translation of the game.

  • Main Translators: Reconstructed Dragon & Isaiahdjkim
  • Translation supervisor: Reconstructed Dragon
  • Playtesters and proofreaders: Isaiahdjkim, J-MACHine
  • Special Thanks: RecDra's father, grandmother, and girlfriend (Peudleuduz)

Special ThanksEdit

  • Rufus
  • Shadow Gate
  • Ulysse
  • Lilith
  • Aureden
  • Andalltha
  • Simon Barbarie
  • Saturnome & Exaheva
  • All the Georis, Franco and Friends,
  • And all the memers of Zanarkand
  • Benoit Adam
  • Alexandre Alvarez
  • Kapool Garage
  • Catherine
  • Mona
  • Smile
  • Renaud
  • Meh
  • Suda Si
  • And all the others who encouraged and motivated Mortis Ghost to complete OFF!

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