Le batteur

Some of the Off character facesets.

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The PlayerEdit

The player is never given a sprite or character. Rather, the player is given the role of guiding The Batter on his mission, and this control is acknowledged by the other characters. It is stated by The Batter at the beginning of the game that the player cannot speak to the characters, but can see and hear.

The BatterEdit

He is the main character of the game. The game starts with the player being "assigned" this being to help him on his mission to "purify the world". No explanation is given as to why he seems to be a baseball batter.


These are described as "peculiar objects," "spiritual entities", and "spherical" by the Judge. The Batter who, according to the Judge, has no "physical order" can get add-ons to join him, unlike the Judge. They fight along side the Batter. Alpha, Omega, and Epsilon are ultimately all the add-ons the Batter obtains.


The protagonist of Hugo's comic. He seems to be a superhero whose nemesis is the Ballman, a supervillain patterned after a baseball player who bears a striking resemblance to the Batter. He appears to be outnumbered by the Ballman's clone forces at the end, before the comic is no longer browsed by The Batter on account of it being, in his view, stupid.


Supporting CharactersEdit

The JudgeEdit

Le juge

A rather eccentric yet helpful cat who occasionally assists the Player and The Batter. He is one of the few characters who will actually address the Player and acknowledge their existence, often even referring to them before The Batter. He is Valerie's brother and resides in Zone 0. He speaks in an eloquent, almost lofty manner. His real name is Pablo.



The equally eccentric mask-wearing shopkeeper who breaks the fourth wall even more than The Judge. In fact, he acknowledges that he is in a video game on several occasions, and even refers to the Player by his or her name. The only way to buy or sell items is through him.


Common EnemiesEdit

These enemies, commonly known as spectres, are randomly encountered when walking in most areas. Examples include phantoms and secretaries.



Dedan, Boss of Zone 1

The guardian of the first zone, Dedan is a hot-headed, foul-mouthed creature. He is completely unreasonable, believing that The Batter is responsible for the appearance of the specters.



Japhet the Firebird, Boss of Zone 2

The guardian of the second Zone. He was once a benevolent and kind guardian, caring for the residents of Zone 2 as if they were his children. With time, however he became violent and angry, believing that the Elsen had been ungrateful and stating that "like all disobedient children, they [should] be punished". He attempts to destroy everyone in not only his own Zone, but the others, showing hints of betrayal to the Queen. Japhet's true form is not shown until his final battle with The Batter - prior to this, he controls Valerie's body in a parasitic manner. Additionally, he is mentioned to harbour a great love for books and bold colors.



Enoch, Boss of Zone 3

The guardian of the third Zone. He is proud of his status as a guardian, going so far as to state that his kind are 'little like gods'. Enoch is very large - Hugo refers to him as 'The Big Mister'. Due to his incredible girth, even The Batter has a difficult time fighting him during their first encounter, and must find a different method by which to defeat him.

Vader ElohaEdit


Vader Eloha, The Queen

Vader Eloha, or more commonly referred to as the Queen, is the ruler of all three Zones. She is tall, faceless, dressed in white, and has long, tendrilesque hair that flows around her body. In her boss battle encounter, she has three of her own Add-Ons (see below) that must be defeated along with her. Her attacks prompt small scenes in which she speaks, whispering sayings such as, "You don't even know his first name," or, "No dessert for you," depending on the attack. She is also heavily alluded to being the Batter's wife/lover.

Royal Add-OnsEdit

These are the Queen's counterparts to the Batter's Add-Ons . They, too, take their names from the Greek alphabet: Delta, Sigma, and Ipsilon.



Sucre's battle sprite.

Called "Sucre" in the original French version, she is one of the two female characters in OFF. She can be found in the basement of Zone 0 and is considered a secret boss. Additionally, defeating her is optional and the game can be completed without ever encountering Sugar. When Sugar is defeated, the player will receive the Grand Chocolatier, an item relating to the element of sugar. Sugar/Sucre's HP is very high, it takes an extremely long time to defeat her.


The antagonist in Hugo's comic. He may be a representation of The Batter.


Other CharactersEdit



The Judge's brother. You encounter him in the second zone, where he is possesed by Japhet and is seemingly missing, or by some, dead. This causes the Judge to worry/grieve and stop guiding you for the rest of the game. (However, Zacharie eagerly takes his place.)



The timid, workaholic and somewhat gullible inhabitants of the Zones. In their sprites they appear as relatively featureless, square-headed humanoids dressed in business attire, with some donning hard hats or lab coats as their jobs require. They breathe smoke and live on a diet comprised mostly of meat. Some Elsen are "corrupted" or otherwise distressed, turning into spectres called Burnts. When they speak, they make a wheezing noise, which changes pitch with their level of anxiety.



Hugo is the human creator of The Batter and of The Queen, Vader Eloha. It has been mentioned that this child has The Batter's eyes by The Queen, and The Batter mentions that they are filled with fear. It is also alluded, during the adventures in The Room, that the Zone's guardians are addressing Hugo rather than The Batter as he runs various errands for them. 



A fish jumps out of the water when the player moves the Batter to the point shown in the picture.

A fish believed to be Dopefish makes a cameo appearance jumping out of the liquid plastic at the Metal Farmsteads of Pentel (Zone 1). It has no further significance to the game.

Space ApesEdit

Space Apes appear in the third ending of the game. Space Apes seem to be in a parallel universe, apparently making a deal with the Batter. This may show that the Batter isn't from the same universe as the game takes place in. The Space Apes only appear if the player finds all 5 bizarre objects by navigating the purified zones and defeating Sugar, then trades the objects in to Zacharie for an Aries card, which is used to unlock the Space Apes ending.