Several books are found in the library of Zone 2. This compiles their contents.

The Up Children DownEdit

Pages 06-07

And so swarming in the Belly of the World, Seven-hundred thousands Children of the Sin gnawed at the justice put in place by the Queen during her peaceful reign. They are the physical manifestation of Evil Deed released upon the world. Forever lost in their seething madness, they are unsalvageable and immortal. Only the Queen herself, at the time of the Final Confrontation, will have the Power to annihilate the Tainted power of the worm-child.

Chapter 2 - Of Apocalypse and Black Liches.

All of the souls on exile for their sins will be tortured for eternity by the Legion of the Black Liches,



Pages 244-245

For she chose Three Guardians to rule some of the Zones. The Fire Bird was chosen as the Lord of the Second Zone, the Eternal City of Bismark. They were the most ...Undecipherable gibberish while the spectres were destroying the

But the dynamics of the world soon drove the people mad. They forgot about their joys and eventually succumbed to their neurosis of fear and worries. They weren't Meanwhile, the Flaming Winged Sovereign weeped in this throne, sadde-


Tales and Legends.Edit

Pages 16-17

The Toad King

A long time ago, lived an evil king. His face was so repulsive that he was nicknamed the Toad King. One day, a masked man met the King during an audience. He said the following words to him: "Greeting wretched monarch, leave this land at once or perish at the tip of my blade."

The King replied: "I am the king and you are my subjects. You are not to go against my will." And so the Masked Man slew the King with his mighty sword.

The End.


Unreadable titleEdit

Pages 152-153

orchis : a, fleur.


The Cardinal PointsEdit

Pages 86-87

It is not required to keep track of one's direction in the Pink Fortress. Painted on the walls are arrows pointing towards the right directions.

On this page are printed the four symbols and so well as the four cardi-

Batter: "It seems no matter how much I try, the book stays upside down..."


No titleEdit

I have run out of oxygen


Pages 02-03

  • Introduction
  • The creation of the Modern World
  • The Guardians
  • The Queen and her son
  • The Four Zones
  • Zone 0
  • The Toad King and the Merchant
  • Annex
  • Glossary
  • Author's note

Written by E.S.Edit

Pages 92-93


Prenez garde, Madame, vous commencez ò grossir ! ... et grossir c'est vieillir ! ... En suivant la methode Dalcroze, qui a introduit le solfege, vous conserverez toute votre sveltesse.

Trois sonates de --------- determinent un amgaigrissement progressif tres sensible et six - fugues de ---- ont sur les cellules adipeuses une action foudroyante. On peut encore accelerer les effets du traitement en l'executant sur


A translation, with minor added context, reviewed and confirmed by a french-speaking contributor, comes up as thus:

"Take care, madam, you are starting to get fat! ... and to get fat is to get old! ... By following the Dalcroze* method, which introduced solfege, you will keep all your slenderness.
Three sonatas of --------- determines a very sensible and progressive weight loss and six - fugues of ---- have an overwhelming action on fat cells. You can still accelerate the effects of treatment by executing them on"

* Dalcorze method was created by Émile Jaques-Dalcroze (a Swiss composer, musician and music educator who developed eurhythmics, a method of learning and experiencing music through movement.) The Dalcroze Method involves teaching musical concepts through movement. Solfege is one of the techniques used in the method to teach pitch, through hand signals.

Torn pagesEdit

Four books with a torn page for each is used as a puzzle required to be solved in the Library of Zone 2 before meeting Valerie/Japhet. The 'eight unique pages' are based on the same two pages of text, differentiated only by the suit of the images' watermarks and where the text is faded.

Pages 32-33
This is the story of three Guardians chosen by the Queen to rule over the Zones, islets of Life lost in the Netherworld.
The First Guardian, Dedan, was filled with Anger. Thanks to his strong determination and his body made out of Steel, he ruled his Zone with an iron fist.
The second one, Japhet, was good and generous. Due to his kind personality, he was loved by all. He was constantly on his feet, doing his best to provide safety and peace to his subjects.
The third one, Enoch, was cold yet fair. He created the a fifth Element which he distributed in his Zone, sugar. Inhabitants of his Zone quickly became dependent of this Magical substance. Although they were happy, they were disconnect from reality.
According to some dark legends, the Queen lives with her Father in her room, creating ghosts to destroy the world they themselves had created. Some say that her beauty is comparable to the Heart of the Sun while others swear she is invisible. And yet, all those rumors are nothing but speculations.


Drawing from his waning forces, he created the Library, more beautiful than ever before. Its height pierced the smoky clouds and there he stood.
Much like a guardian angel, he had done everything for them. He had brought them peace, security and entertainment. Such was his generosity.
For a while, that was all good and well for all, they enjoyed the new land with the innocence of a child. They were running down the streets, enjoying
But the dynamics of the world soon drove the people mad. They forgot about their joys and eventually succumbed to their neurosis of fear and worries. They weren't
Meanwhile, the Flaming Winged Sovereign weeped on his throne, their joys saddened to have been forgotten by Man. He had no more time for their worries.
And so the Flaming Bird turned into a cat and the cat into a Ruler. Driven insane by his anger and sadness, he summoned forth a storm of evil spirits upon his subjects. His madness had
While the spectres where [were] destroying the world he had created, he sought helter [shelter] at the summit of his most wonderful creation, the Great Library.
There was nothing else to be done but wait for the man who would rise forth to destroy him. For deep inside his soul, there was no doubt that what he had done was evil. The End.