In the world of OFF The Batter seems at first to be alone in playing a game of baseball. But further inspection reveals that the entire world may be fashioned after a baseball field. Speculatively, this gives structure and reason to the layout of the map, and insight to why the number 4 occurs frequently. OFF is well-loved for its manipulation of perspective, and through the lens of baseball we may understand more of what The Batter thinks and feels.

Maps and LocationsEdit

The Nothingness shows a large black plane in which four red dots, and one white dot lay scribbled around in green. These dots are huddled in one corner. Paralelled to baseball, these become the four bases, and the pitcher's mound with the rest of the map being the outfeild. The Batter must go through them in order, 1-4.

Zone 0 is the Pitcher's Mound. This is where the Batter lets the Judge know he's playing the game. With no enemies until much later, we pass through this zone very quickly. The Batter starts in the center of 4 floating boxes- a visual reference to the pitcher's mound. The first puzzle uses four boxes.

In Zone 1 The Batter travels through four stations, Elsen, Damien, Pentel, and Alma. Sachihata may be considered the Short Stop.

In Zone 2 There are three attractions centered around the central library, the Shopping Mall, Park, and Residential Area. Counting the entrance, this map makes a diamond around a center hub.

In Zone 3 the train takes the Batter in a diamond shaped loop around the zone, very simply from areas 1-4. The train takes a short stop between area 3 and 4 to fight a miniboss.

The Room is analagous to Home Base. There are 5 chapters for the four bases and the pitcher's mound. Chapter 0, for the Batter.


Many characters have paralell positions in baseball.

  • The Add-Ons are The Batter's team mates, and may enter the field as he proceeds through bases.
  • The Judge is the Umpire, the player who officiates a game of baseball, begins and ends the game, and handles disciplinary action.
  • Dedan , Japhet , and Enoch become the first, second, and third basemen.
  • Vader Eloha is analogus to the Catcher.  In baseball the Batter must begin the game by passing the Catcher to get to first base- and many characters ask if she sent you. In the end, she is also who The Batter returns to. Should the catcher get the ball while a batter is not at a base, the game is over. This is why she is the final boss. We ultimately answer to her, and everyone serves her.
  • Sugar is the Pitcher. A batter at play will not physically pass by the Pitcher in a regular game of baseball, to assault the Pitcher, a Batter would have to be destroying the rules of the game, thus she is a secret boss. Her weapons are ball-like. 
  • Hugo, Zacharie, and the Elsens are the audience, watching the entire adventure until the end.

Similar to the fact that all Players on a field are against the player up to bat, any character in OFF is likely to become an enemy.